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~The “Funnies”

~The “Funnies”

Before I was able to read we still lived on S Point View ST. I loved that house. Those were my good old days in L.A. CA. Back when the news came in the paper form. Every Sunday morning my daddy would retrieve the paper from porch. First he would check the headlines the turn to the sport’s pages. All the while five year old me would be ask’n him to read the funnies (comic strip) to me.

I don’t know if other people called the comic’s in Sundays Newspaper the Funnies. The Funnies that were my favorite were Charlie Brown and the gang. Why did it never get old watching Lucy pull the ball away from Charlie? She would be called one of those mean girls if it was today. Simpler times, NO iPods, iPads or Smart phones…

Today most comics are played out on T.V. Currently my favorite is The Vladi and Obama Files. At first glance you would conclude it was serious stripe. Maybe even a scary one. Naaw it’s just another one of the Funnies.

It opened with Vladi (playground bully) hosting 2014 Winter Olympics. He cleans up pretty good. He put on a crisp new suit and tie. A smile on his face…scratch that. A new suit anyways. During said games the Ukraine people over threw their Dictator. Vladi pat on the bum the last of the Olympic competitor’s and sent them home. Then it was back to The Kremlin STAT!!!!

Once there he walks in the door he rips his shirt open popping the buttons off Jiffy popcorn style. This exposes his six pack abs. He turns awkwardly turns to the camera and gives his best seductive pose. Next thing you know he’s back to HATE’n the US. He blames the Ukraine situation on America call’n it the FOUL the FILTH and the FILTHY FILTHY FOUL! Then he invades the Ukraine. In what seems like one BIG smooth move. Classic Poot’n style! Have you notice his expression NEVER changes? It doesn’t matter if he is at the Olympics, shirt opened or invading a country. Blue Steele (Zoolander) I think I will call him that.

Next Obama enters the comic. Now he’s mad! Well he “act’s” mad. He talks a good talk. They impose sanctions against Russia. At first look it’s all a lot of pushing and shoving. Ok so here’s why I say that. My local news researched how much business this state dose with Russia a year. Boeing is here. So we got the whole Air-O thing going on here. If my local news figured that out you CAN’T tell me The President doesn’t know that. Oh and we are ONE state out of 51. You can’t tell me is the only state in The Union doing business with Russia. No wonder Russia is poking fun at the sanctions. It’s like watching a fight between Fezzik from Princes Bride and Danny DeVito.

The US can thank their own boy’s for inter-connecting the world. You know Barack called Gate and was like, yo Bill can we turn off Russia’s web access to the web? To which Bill was like AAAH NO! Oh and Prez why you calling NOW? You should-ah been dial’n my number to create that EPIC failure of a website. You know he was shaking his head as he hung up the phone
Forget the states how much trade and industry does Russia do around the world? That is why we see on the news the President in all these talks with various countries. He can’t fight the playground bully himself. He couldn’t tell Boeing or The Motor city STOP doing business with Russia. If he did that it would negatively affect jobs and he is trying to increase jobs in America. All he can do with sanctions is freeze rich Russian government employees money. That even backfired in a since. Blue Steele just turns around and froze rich American’s money, namely John McCains. That shows Americans McCain practices tax evasion. It’s all a HOT MESS! A HOT MESS I tell you.

Now the President keeps saying Russia is just a “regional” power. Is that really so? I mean if it is only “regional” why can’t the Dual world power stop it on its own? All I can tell you is times are changing…keep on the watch! I’m just say’n…


~Land Slide

~Land Slide

I was just laid off. The last time that happened to me I wasn’t married, walking and worked for Nordstrom. On paper I was never laid off. My boss called me in her office and with tears streaming down her face told me they were going from four coordinators to two. Yup I WASN’T one of the two they were keeping. At the same time she valued me as an employee. She was not only going to pay me the end of the month. Oh and she was NOT putting my termination papers in till then. Her hope was that I would find another position with company before then. She knew have MS and needed health insurances.

Well it’s a different day and a different way. Allow me to BACK that thing up and start at the beginning. Our washer and dryer have been on borrowed time for a while now. Albee holds his breathe lately every time he does laundry. It’s so bad our neighbors told us they hear the dryer scraping and rattle. Saturday we bite the bullet and bought new ones. Our saving almost covered. Sunday I was laid off. Monday the Block did our taxes. Yes you guessed it we owe. Thursday our dish washer stops working! Saturday my MS was like well if everything is falling apart I might as well join the club.

I’ve never been in a natural disaster. In NO shape or form do I mean to minimize the devastation. At the same time I imagine it feels like this. First It’s raining. Then it gets progressively harder and harder. The wind starts in seeming out of nowhere. Next you here and feel something, your eyes dart around the room looking for its source. Crash, crackle, POP! Am I falling? Why aren’t my feet touching the ground? I feel like someone just punched me as hard as they could in my gut. But no one stands at my side. Like most natural disasters it’s no one’s fault. The business has slowed to a crawl. House hold appliances wear out. The MS flares from time to time. The cruelty is when it all happens at once.

I don’t remember closing my eyes. But I opened them and hung up the phone. I was in that eerie calm after a storm. What just happened? I’ve been back to work since 2010. The money back then was extra. Then I found Pushing Boundaries. Truly the best thing I’ve found in my handicap life. I credit it as keeping me mobile and strong. Albee’s money covers house hold necessities. Boundaries was all me. There’s also senior-citizen sisters that use to be in my congregation I employee. Her husband died at year ago thus her financial situation changed. She needed the money and we needed the help. So one day a week she comes over cleans our condo and cooks for us. I can’t even think about how I’m going to tell her.


So Daddy and Mommy to rescue. I forget no matter how old I get I’m still their baby. I told my mom about everything. Not in an attempt of getting anything. Just purely factoid base, they’re senior-citizens on a fixed budget. Wouldn’t you know it before I could say BOO she called me back. She had talked to my dad and they wanted pay the same sister to cook and clean twice a month. Pushing Boundaries is another story. I have enough in savings to pay for the next month and half.

So I’m in the job market. It’s interesting back in 2010 I had just went in the wheelchair. I was lost. Then my boss approached me and offered me a job. He saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself back then. He saw value. For that I will always be grateful. The job got me off the couch, out of sweats and back on the block.

I don’t know what I will do for work, I don’t. You know how it always say’s on strip clubs, 25 pretty girls and one ugly one. Maybe they’d go for 25 pretty girls and one handicapped. Seriously though being handicapped does limit me. It’s funny my now ex-boss still view’s me as valuable, when many employers wouldn’t. He told me I can use him as a reference and if his business picks up in a few months he wants me back.

I can’t just sit and hope to go back to my old job. It could not happen. Whatever happen’s it will be ok though. I know who I am and what limitation’s I’m working with. I’m still a hard worker, loyal and do my best to give Nordie’s style customer service. Like Mz. Arie says, “I’m not the average girl from the video…when I look in the mirror the only one there is me. Every freckle on my face is where it’s supposed to be. I know my creator didn’t make NO mistakes on me…I’m [learning] to love myself unconditionally because I am a queen.” I’m just say’n…. http://www