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~”We Started From the BOTTOM Now We HERE…The WHOLE Team is RIGHT HERE!”

~”We Started From the BOTTOM Now We HERE…The WHOLE Team is RIGHT HERE!” (Drake may have rap’d it but the Haws did it)

So Albee and I drove home after spending a week in central Oregon. Six hours in the car on Super Bowl Sunday. Oh and of course it’s when the Hawks are play’n in the Bowl. YES we taped the game! I even signed off ALL social media in an attempt of watching the game last night when I got home. I made it all the way to the North side of South Centre Mall when I saw fireworks. REALLY rich people! REALLY!

I say rich because they shot up from the Bellevue direction. Not to mention they were 4th of July style. You know only rich people roll like that. NOT to mention it’s winter. It probably was friends of Paul Allen. I closed my eyes as tight as I could try’n to pretend I didn’t see anything. My heart began to beat a little faster. As soon as I got home we flipped on the game. It was a quarter to eight. As you know it all started with a safety. It wasn’t a game it was an M-A-S-S-A-C-R-E! Peyton WHO? Manning WHAT? At one point I actually felt sorry for ole dude.

It passed.

I do have some words for the press. All year they had nothing good to say about the Hawks. NOTHING! When they won games they would reason the other team was having a bad day. Last week they were call’n my boy Sherman a thug last they were singing a different tune. They need to CHECK themselves. They didn’t change their strategy. They have been plat’n the same way all year. The only difference is they OWNED Peyton Manning and WON The Super Bowl. They had no choice but to RECK’NIZE. You bet they changed the game (Money Ball style). You can keep your first round draft pick they don’t need it. Oh and they got there nerve saying they wanna talk about the league wants to copy Seahawk’s the. Check it! It was fours in the making. By the time everyone catches up. The Hawks will be onto something NEW! You BEZT believe that.

Oh and thank you Paul Allen for staying true to yourself and the PNW. He didn’t put on a suit or a long wool jacket like the press or the Commissioner. He kept it real in his parka, Dockers and baseball cap! Yeah he is in the top 10 of the 1% wealthiest people in the world. Yet he is PNW first and foremost. Oh and yes she is in a band. OH and Paul thanks for getting your grill fixed before the big game. His teeth used to be JACKED! Seriously, I’m talk’n tore up from the floor up.

ONE more thing. So the press even ESPN keeps saying the Super Bowl win was the second win for the city. The last one in 79 when the Sonics won the champion ship. In truth The Seattle Storm WNBA has not one but TWO championships! NOW don’t get me wrong. I’ve never been to a game nor ever watched won. But common ESPN do’ your homework. Wikapedia even knows that!


So like I said Sunday Albee, the boys and I took a drive to the OTHER side. It takes about five hours and some change to get there. It’s well worth the drive because there is a feisty red head weighting for us. You guessed it we drove to central Oregon to visit Albee’s mom Jakki.

Anita is her name. Jakki is her alias. To date Albee still doesn’t know how she came to be called Jakki. Somewhere around his early thirties he figured out since she still wouldn’t tell him the orgin. This is a woman that was a undercover narcotic officer, race car driver and underwear model. She’s NO joke!

Albee, himself was nearly born on a pool table in a bar. Jakki had a 500 dollar bet on the game and wasn’t leaving until the game was over. At one point her contraction was coming so fast and hard see was bent over in pain. The whole bar was watching a pregnant lady shooting in between contractions. The bar began timing her contractions. You know WHAT? She didn’t leave until she won the game collected her money and her contractions were five minutes apart! Albert’s dad drove her to the hospital and Albert was borne a half an hour later.

Oh and yes the bar through her baby shower.

One would think Oregon was a lot like Washington. After all Portland is pretty much the mini me of Seattle. While that may be the case, DON’T get it twisted! As soon as your tires rolls out of Portland time rolls backwards. DON’T matter a black man is president or that the 1st Ladies brother couches college basketball at Oregon State. AS resent as 05 I was repeatedly called a Negro to my face. Oh yes I kindly corrected him by saying I’m African American. To which said I thought you were a Negro. As if it was the sixties and MLK never marched.

So no N words were used towards me this time. Well not in my face anyway. But the BEST was we went to Macys, Marshal’s and the grocery store. I’m slowly propelling myself around the stores (see Emily aka Jillian at Pushing Boundaries I did my homework while I was gone). Now in Seattle I can’t push myself a step without someone approaching me asking me if I need help. Not so down here. They give me a wide birth like I got N1. The sales people KEEP their eyes on me. When I catch them starring and look at them in the eye they look away. I swear I saw one reach down and push a button. Probably a Negro alert button. Warning the rest of the city of my presence.

You think I’m joking. I wish I was. Jakki told me when she moved there they would run blacks out of town before it got dark (it was the 80’s, YIKES). In her next breath she happily told me they have eight or nine black people now. I immediately thought to myself why would a black person want to live here. Anyway… Enough of that! I’m home and the Seahawks won the Super Bowl!

Lastly, down there I saw an interview with Meredith Vieira and her husband who has MS. He is now legally blind, walks with a can, and his voice is affected by MS. I’ve been ask several times why I blog. He has a blog and he explains why. I share his sentiments exactly. If you have time watch their whole interview. I saw so much of Albee and I in their relationship. It was a great interview with Dr. Oz. They talk about a MS research study for a new way to treat the disease.

Make it a GREAT weekend. Jump a few times for me. I was going to say walk a block for me but it’s too COLD ffor that mess. You can jump in your house :o)