~Still Try’n to wrap my hands……

~Still Try’n to wrap my hands……

First things FIRST! Allison Frances lives with M.S. a chronic debilitating disease. Ok I’m handicap and in a wheelchair right, RIGHT! Now I have issues with my hands. Whatever, it is what is. Nevertheless it is still rude to stair. Some would say it’s ruder. So we were out to my favorite interior Mexican restaurant with some friends I haven’t seen a while. I was all set to get my GRUB ON! I took a few bites and began to drift into food bliss. All of a sudden I heard a voice say, “you did that good. You didn’t even get any on you.” Then Albee retorts, “well, almost nothing” as he’s picking up some chicken off my lap and puts it back on my plate (thanks babe for putting me on BLAST!). GREAT! People are watching me eat. That’s not irritating. What am I now a side show? YO check it! You focus on your plate and I’ll focus on mind. If you must watch me DON’T let me know you’re doing it! GOODNESS!

Ok so I started to write this a month ago but decided to wait. It’s VERY important that I say that I mean NO disrespect with my observations. It’s been a month so I think the cost is clear. They aren’t new feeling. The first time I remember having these feelings I was a little black girl in Mrs. Wolf’s second grade class. I’m not sure why or what made me think about it again, but I did. Like ta hear about it? Well here we GO! F-R-E-E YOUR MIND…

OK so I’ve never understood Thanksgiving. Why does everyone observe this? When I say everyone I mean all races. Before you judge me just hear me out…
First, Black people or should I say African American to be “PC”. In any cartoon pictures or Thanksgiving plays do you EVER see us in the pictures? NO!
You may say Alley black people probably weren’t in America yet. Perhaps. But most likely we were there. We were back in the boat scrubbing the lower decks! Then in then when the country was finally was established we were cooking the turkey for someone else to eat.

The Chinese weren’t invited. They were left back in the boat cooking for the feast. Now as for the Mexican’s they had their hand full dealing with Christopher C. up in their house. Oh and in many ways they lost that fight. Think about it. Our friends in the south hold on to the Catholic faith as if it started there. The sad thing is if you asked many what their family faith is they would say Catholic and always has been. Chris C. said in all the history books he was saving the “heathens”. They did un-thinkable things to the native people to force people to convert. Don’t believe me do the math. That’s the blessing and the curse of the internet.

Then there are the Native Americans. I’ve often wondered do they celebrate the holiday. Maybe they hate the holiday. Could you blame them? I would think the day makes them sick to their stomach. Perhaps there are confused little Native American girl like me looking at the decorations. The difference being she saw pictures of her people portrayed as all happy. Yet her parents tell her when the pilgrims arrived their Native life ended. They were bullied into submission. But hey at least they were allowed to keep their religion.

If the U.S. government got wind of a country invading another country and more or less giving the native the boot what would they do? What would they do? You know it would be on LIKE DONKEY KONG! After all we teach our kids bulling is unacceptable. Unless the U.S. benefits. Then you are given a national holiday like Christopher C.

I’m not try’n to upset anyone or make a statement of any sort. More or less I’m just figuring out my own mind. Another good example of running over Native Americans is the Washington Redskins team name. Native Americans have been petioning for a name change for some time now. The owner has been very outspoken and unapologetic about he will NEVER change the name! Would he be as pigheaded if their name was the Washington Coones? Better yet the Washington WASPS or if their catch phrase was we are going to Jew’d you. There would be countries in an outrage. Some would say that’s different Native Americans don’t have a country. They DID the pilgrims’ took it. I’m just say’n.

SIDE NOTE—In the beginning I was doing blog entries weekly. Lately it’s more like monthly. It’s no because I don’t have anything to say. Please have you see the size of my mouth! It just life has just sped up. Work and everything else! I swear the amount of hour in a day has decreased! On a different note check this link out that my friend found. I about fell out on the floor. http://www.wimp.com/newdevice/


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