~Back to the Hotel (N2 DEEP )… Well gym.

~Back to the Hotel (N2 DEEP )… Well gym.

Ok so I got my butt KICKED! KICKED I tell you, by a WAFE. A pretty little maybe 110 pound wet, girl. I didn’t think that was possible. Oh but I was wrong. I’m soy let me back the thang up. I’m back in the gym. Things have changed up in da place. A changing of the guards you may say. . My dude Aaron left to get his Masters. There are four new people I haven’t talked about as of yet because I’ve only had limited interaction with them. Well now I am ACQUAINTED!

O girl is one of them. Let’s call her Jill. You know as in Jillian Michael’s from Biggest Loser. She is NO joke. It don’t matter how small her waist be! I wheeled in Pushing Boundaries thinking I’d be with Popeye or Zorro. Jill said lets go. I was like ok figuring the new NEW girl would also be with us. Two women trainers works solid. So you can imagine my surprise when thin, cutie, putootie girl walked up to me.

I really think it was the hardest workout to date. I know I’m probably gonna regret saying this. The boys have never pushed me as hard as she did. She packed so much in that one hour. I don’t know it was like she believed in me a way most people don’t. I’m stronger on the left side of my torso. Sitting in my chair I kinda lean to one side. I HATE the way it looks (NO staring at me the next time you see me to try to see what I mean). No one has ever addressed it before. I figured it was unchangeable. She not only addresses it but showed me what needs to be done to fix it.

It was crazy! We did this exercise where I sat on the edge of a raised mat with knees bent and feet on the floor. She sat in front of me on a stool. Then she took a long light weight bar and had me grab it with arms spread eagle from each other. Next she grabbed Velcro do-dads that look like odd shaped mittens. Next she put them around my hands and the bar. Now there is a rope attached to each end of the bar. Jill flips the rope over her head it lands around her back. Then abruptly grabs the bar and leans back. This pulls me forward bending me over nose to knees. Then she tells me to sit up. Now mind you I can’t use my arms and hands because they are VELCROED to the bar. Then once I manage to get almost to a up and balanced in a seated potion she pulls me down again. SERIOUSLY DEMENTATED!

Apparently the exercise/torture was for my lower back muscles. I really can’t tell you how many reps or sets we did but I DID it. Secretly I loved. It was S-T- U-P-I-D HARD but I do notice improvement in my back strength. I guess it’s true no pain no gain…

The rest of the hour was more of the same. I don’t know if I hate her for how hard she worked me or for having a body MOST women would kill for. Once again like Jillian Michaels. What I would give for a small waist and average breast. I’m JUST say’n…


2 thoughts on “~Back to the Hotel (N2 DEEP )… Well gym.

  1. lisa says:

    Good for you! Very inspiring. It’s so hard to push yourself without a trainer. So good you’re taking advantage of it and benefiting to the full. You want to make it count, right?

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