~Back Lash…

~Back Lash…

Ok so I’m 40 right. Oh and have MS and in a wheelchair. My body is like Vegas, week home and then Spain? Yeah well I’m glad you had fun cause you FINNA pay for it. MS was like this is MY house SON! I had an MS exacerbation. I hadn’t had one in a long time. What in the world is an MS exacerbation you ask. It can include many different things. This time for me it meant ridiculous fatigue, crazy weakness in my arms and hands headaches bordering on migraine! I was a HOT MESS!!!

So the treatment for this sort of MS attack is roides. Three consecutive days of IV steroids. I was hoping the girls would shrink. I’m tired of carrying these triple D’s around. Didn’t happen! I guess things only shrink on certain types of roides. The ones I got were medicinal roides. The first day was picture perfect. The nurse found a vein right away. The infusion was over an hour. Then I was out the door.

Second day I felt like I just got run over by a truck. Oh and not just any truck. I got ran over by an ash fault steam roller. Eight Pokes! Eight pokes to get an IV started. The first was a quick swing and a miss. NO big deal, that happens. She just called the iv specialist nurse. The IV specialist first shot was a prep shot of lido cane. Now I know that lido can numbs the skin using a tiny needle. The thought being when the larger needle for the IV goes through the same point of entry it’s numb. While yes it takes the bite out of point of entry. The down side is my picky little veins either roll, clasps or whatever, preventing the IV from advancing into my vein. So my vein rolled and her first attempt failed.
I told the nurse no lido cane on her second attempt. I’d just grin and bear it. She got in her stance and another swing and a miss. She put her hands up and said there are only two tries per nurse. I was like even for the IV specialist? She said yes even the specialist. She said she would grab another nurse. So they wrapped my arms in hot towels again. A few minutes later nurse numerous tres comes in. She then unwraps the towels on my arms and begins her inspection. Yesterday they found a vein on the first poke. Oh the difference a day makes.

She feels the same vein that they used yesterday and ask if she can use the same vein just a little higher this time. I say yes whatever works. She ties a rubber band strap around my arm. Next she instructs me to make repeated fists to try to pump up the vein. At the same time she smacks my arm (was I getting an IV or a shot of heroin?). Once that’s done she pulls the needle out sets it on some gauze, firmly wipes my arm with an alcohol wipe lastly dries the alcohol with a swipe of gauze. Grabs the needle and here’s where I look away. I don’t know how many blood drawls, flu shots or IV’s I’ve had over the years I still can’t watch point of impact. In my opinion it’s a three prong assault. First the nurse always says little poke. But it’s never little. Then there’s the initial sudden pain. Next the pain widens and intensifies. Finally I feel like I wanna throw the towel in. At that same moment she said nope I can’t get it. Let’s look at the other arm. She asks me if I’m ok. Of course I smile and say yes. You know I was LIEING! I’ve had forth failed shots and FINNA have my seventh attempt. My stomach was in knots. Long story short the fifth try was a CRASH & BURN.

On to nurse CUATRO! They call for another IV specialist. She is younger than the previous two. I don’t know if that’s better or worse. More hot towels wrapped around my arms. I was trying to relax my body before the next attempt. I have the Seahawks game on. It was a roller coaster game like my stomach. I’ve never vomited over needle pokes but I didn’t know how much more I could take. So nurse cuatro unwrapped my arms and began her hunt. She first took of the five band aids of the fallen soldiers before her. Then the ground hog day begun again. She tied the rubber band around my arm and had me pump my fist. Long story short six and seven failed. At this point I’ve been at been at the hospital two hours and have not STARTED my one hour infusion!

So as per the law of the land two failed attempts she’s done. I say nothing but she sees the look of anguish on my face. She says nothing just grab my other arm and tries again. She is a rebel with a cause! It looks like her third attempt is going to fail. But this nurse is on a mission. She fishes around in my arm with the needle (yeah that felt GREAT}. A couple minutes of that and she was in! So I of course had her leave the line and secure it. That way I could keep it in overnight. Then the next day all they would have to do is hook up the new bag of roides to it.

Needless to say I’m STILL wearing long sleeves shirts. My arms still look like an addicts. Oh an get this I told head nurse about flipping over backwards in my wheelchair and hitting my head. I said I went to the hospital and got checked out. I was just giving an FYI. She was all up in arms. Told me we can’t trust what they say. Indicating their medicine was inferior to ours. She even rolled her eyes While she was say’n it. I wanted to say SHUT your mouth you HUAGHTY American! Allen, our tour guide with MS said Spain has the best medical. He has never had such good care for his MS and no insurance is needed and he grew up in Great Britain. Oh and Barcelona had better accessibility than any US city I’ve been to. But I didn’t even waste my breath. She talked to the doctor and they decided I should have an MRI. Whatever! They ordered the $1200 MRI and I did it. Of course it came back fine. Oh and by the by head nurse Allen told me his yearly MRI is at no patient cost. I’m just say’n…….


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