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Ok, so the other day was my third time in the Lokomat. What’s a Lokomat you ask? It’s this contraption at Pushing Boundaries where handi’s like me can walk in. I told you about it when I first started going there. I FINALLY did it! It’s HOT! It’s sooo HOT!!! I’ve been in this chair now for what? I don’t know like three and a half years. So to be up on your feet walking is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Now I AIN’T going to lie at first it wasn’t comfortable. They put this thing-a-ma-jig on you like a girdle. It kinda looked like a harness they put on someone Para-shooting. Ok so not only can you not breath your breasts are shoved up so high your like, HELLO GIRLS! However, they do make for a nice chin rest. Then there are straps that go around your inner thighs and butt cheeks. Next they hook the mess to the arm of the Lokomat over your head.

Once you are all strapped in the arm raises up so you are suspended in air like a puppet. I mean it was totally NSYNC video style like back in the day. Owe I’M NOT done. Next they strap on Storm Trooper like robotics to your legs. Then they turn on the robotic. I swear I heard Darph Vador’s theme song off in the distance.

At first you are walking in one place suspended in midair. I am over a treadmill. What’s crazy is Aaron turns on the treadmill. So it’s going and the robot is making my legs walk. The machine perfectly times lowering me down on to the moving treadmill so my feet hit the ground walking. MAGIC
Now keep in mind I haven’t walk’d an INCH in three and a half years. At first the repeated motion of my feet hitting the treadmill WASN’T COOL! Not one bit. My feet first started tingling and then itching along with my lower leg. I thought I was going to die they itched so bad. I didn’t stop I figured it was because I was getting circulation in areas that hadn’t really moved for so long. I was right. By 15 minutes I was STRAIGHT!
I can’t describe how great I felt walking. Even something as simple as breathing was a HUGE difference. My Diaphragm was able to completely expand. Popeye told me to swing my arms. I was like O-K? I swung my arms as told. He said good, you can still do that. I looked at him puzzled. So he explained to me a lot of people in wheelchairs forget how to do that movement. Interesting RIGHT?!

It was weird I got a little winded. My mind was like I’m not moving my feet; why am I tired? It was a moving experience. I didn’t realize how much I missed walking. I don’t know if it was just adrenaline or what. I felt great the next few days. It’s like all my joints were realigned an oiled. I wish I could start each day on the machine.
• Side note Hulk quit and Super Girl was fired a while back…But no worries ladies Popeye is still with us.

So Summer has been jammed packed. I’ve missed you all. It’s not that I haven’t had nothing to say. I’ve just haven’t had time to say it. I’m going to walk in the Lokomat as time, money and rides permit. Lastly all my peeps with a work’n set of legs don’t take am for granted. If I would have known back then my walking days were numbered, I would have walked down another block or two. I’m just say’n