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~The brown and yellow Doodle Poodle update

~The brown and yellow Doodle Poodle update

Ok so as we know Bentley is my favorite. But let’s NOT GET IT TWISTED, Doodle’s last name is Raney. He is my fur child. Ok so remember how they sent my baby home say’n they couldn’t find anything wrong. They just prescribed him pain pills and sent him home. Yet when he came home he was still doing the same thing. Albee and I knew something was wrong with our boy. So his emergency exam was Thursday. The following Wednesday was his teeth cleaning. When Albee took him for cleaning he insisted they take a closer look at his left ear while was under anesthetics.

Wednesday afternoon I get a call from the vet. He tells me Mrs. Raney we found a Fox Tail ( in Doodle’s ear. Then he said he would send it home with Albert so I could see it. I got off the phone like wait a minute. He just did thsat doctor thing to me. YOU know act like you hadn’t just been say’n something ain’t right. As if they were the ones trying to convince you something isn’t right. HOLD up a minute doc. It’s Wednesday Albee brought my baby in to you LAST Thursday telling you something is wrong and we think it’s his left ear. CHECK IT you keep the Foxtail pin it to YOUR board above YOUR computer. That way when YOU see it, it can remind YOU, YOU missed it once and a dog suffered longer than necessary. PLEASE!(said how a mad Samuel Jackson would)

Albert did bring it home with Doodle. It was knarly lookin. It had been in his ear for almost a week. It had curled ad latched into his inner ear. Oh and yup it gave Doodle an infection. Albee has to put a tube in his ear once a day to squirt medicine in it. Albert say’s I’m over reacting. Maybe so. It just gives me flash back to going to the doctor after experiencing my first MS symptom and the doctor sent me home and said nothing is wrong. They make you feel like you’re crazy. Ok you’re not gods you’re doctors. Just cause YOU can’t find anything wrong doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong.

Anyway…WHAT-EV he just has to be checked in a week to make sure he is ok in a week. Doodle isn’t a lap dog like Bentley. He would rather not be held. When Albee brought him home from the hospital he unsuccessfully tried to jump into my lap. He was really week. He jumped and bounced off the side of my wheelchair. It was sad but funny at the same time. So not wanting him to kill himself with a second try Albee picked him up and put him in my lap. He melted into me and stayed there most of the evening. Over the next several days he wouldn’t bark (that’s unheard of for Doodle). He wanted to be held by oddly me most of the time. Not Albert who is his favorite.

Sometimes I meet people that ask me if I have kids. NO I don’t have no kids! After this experience I’m going to schedule a voluntary hysterectomy. Can you imagine me still walking and have kids? I’d be LIGHT’n it up every other day. I’d be incarcerated by now. I’m just say’n…


~I don’t even no where to start!

~I don’t even no where to start!

So last night I started a blog entry about the INSANITY of the Batchlorett! I mean in a SANE mind 25 men or woman dating ONE man or woman makes NO since. 10 or so years ago when whomever pitched the idea to the networks they laughed them out of their building. Perhaps the idea came up in a brainstorming session at ABC. I’m sure initially they MUST have questioned if it would work. Anyways a normal night. Right, whatever. Went to bed got up went about my business as normal. Left the house around 9:00 with a friend. No big whoop. I get home around noon to Albert say’n we need to keep an eye on Doodle.

I’ve never talked about my fur kids. I have two toy Poodles. The oldest Bentley is five and Doodle is four. Yes we named him Doodle the Poodle! Our rhyme for him goes a little something like this…Doodle noodle the brown and yellow Poodle. Y-E-A-H now that I see it written down it’s not really a rhyme(STOP rolling your eyes AG). I love my dogs, I really DO! One more than the other, like every parent. People who say they love there children the same are lying! Well lying or their kids are to young to have fully developed personalities and opinions. True we love them all we just like some or one more.

When our pups were young they didn’t have a parental preference. Early on they were just learning the basics. You know where to potty and where and when not to potty. Bentley being the smarter of the (my dog) mastered the basics in no time. Doodle not so much. Let’s just say his name fits him.

Anyways ask Albee why are we watching him? He answers with a rather pregnant W-E-L-L with a slight tilt to his head. He is shaking, tail tucked between his legs with a strange tilt to his head. On top of that when he tried touching behind his ear he whence and whined in pain. All the while he is telling me this Doodle is in his arms. When he puts him on the floor sure enough everything he says is true. I’m immediately am a pull of butter on the floor.

I call their Naturopathic Vet but of course she can’t get him in last minute. However she say’s we should definitely have him seen. NO DUH LADY!
•(side bar)Before you judge me about the naturopathic vet consider I was born in 72 my mother wasn’t quite a hippie. At the same time she WOULD open capsules of herbal supplements in a teaspoon of honey and feed it to us. As if the honey hid the taste of the herbs. PLEASE It taste like I had taken a bite of the backyard. Oh and what about the enemas. I still have nightmares of being 4 or 5 and my Mom with help from a friend. Friend held me down on the bathroom floor while mom administered the “healthy” mixture. Once applied my mother lovingly held my little butt cheeks together telling me hold it honey.

So we live down the street from Elliott Bay Animal hospital. They’ve seen Doodle before infect he has an appointment next week. YES we get our dogs teeth clean every six months. Don’t laugh! In truth we are better at getting their teeth cleaned than our own.

Elliott Bay would see him but we had to drop him off. They would just have to work him in. So my stomach was in knots all day. I do realize dogs don’t live forever. I was asking myself how far and how much was I willing to pay if something major was wrong. To think I was this torn up and Doodle isn’t my favorite. What would I be like if it was Bentley?!!


So a few hours later the doggy doc calls. Albert picks it up and I hold my breath. Guess what’s wrong with him? NOTHING!!! Well nothing that they could find anyways. Albert goes and picks him up and brings him home. Guess what happens when he gets him home. YUP starts having issues again!!! Wouldn’t know it we WOULD have the dog like the car that WONT start so you pay to have it towed to the shop. When it gets there it starts for the mechanic. Only for you to get it home again and it WON’T start. DON’T GIVE ME THAT! DON’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT!

Maybe he just needs an enema. Don’t laugh! You think I’m play’n. If that would cure the problem I’d do it. And of course when I say I, I mean Albert. Hey it’s cheaper than the vet. OOOH now I got you mommy. I got you (finger on my nose and then pointing out)

These are really my first dogs. It has been a great experiment. It has taught me how to love in a different way. At the same time I DON’T have kids for a reason! I’m NOT cut out for this.

So a day like I had is case in point why Bachelorette works. Well that and Whiskey. Better yet mindless TV with Whiskey. Thank you Dez for having a train wreck of a season. Do I think you choose the right guy? Maybe-e. Who are we kidding most likely not and statistically not. Oh well on to Juan Pablo.