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Ok so I told you how busy this suumer has been. Right. Whatever,it is what it is. So of couse I’ve been using Access (the short bus) more often. They are a blessing and a curse. I was at the wheelchair shop getting my brakes worked on with AG (little sis). Where we met a nice man and his care taker. Their Access bus was over an hour late picking them up. What’s worse is when they would call to get an eta Access treated them like they were dumb. They would say the bus would be there in 5 to 10 minutes every time they would call. But of couse it never come. I mean COME ON! We AIN’T stupid! Give us some respect! Just say you don’t know becasuse you don’t know!

Oh and another day there was an 11 year old handicap little girl on the bus when I got on. She was supposed to be dropped off at Summer Camp. She had been on the bus for OVER an hour past her drop of time. Why you ask. Because she was a little girl and couldn’t speak up for herself. So she was figuratively being push to the back of the bus. I wish she would understand enough so I could have got her parents number to call them. At any rate, YES I spoke up for her. The driver said he would drop her off after me because her school was in the opposite direction. I reluctantly got off the bus on my stop. I hope he made good on his word.

Ok so the other day I had a doctor’s appointment. Albee had a couple of conference calls that morning. No big’e right. I’m a BIG girl. I’ll take Access. I’ve NEVER had jerk driver since my second compliant. Ok what’s CRAY CRAY is jerk driver is still the only driver I’ve EVER had twice. CREEPY RIGHT! Any whooo, since then Access and I had been all good.

At this point I THOUGHT they knew who I be. Apparently they needed a re-fresher…

So I had made my appointment a few days prior to my appointment. Therefore the morning of I called Access dispatch to make sure I had the correct pick-up time. They informed me they were very busy and were sending a cab to take me instead of a bus. That’s new. That’s new. I’m cool with it. They gave me the cab company’s number. I was GOOD ta go.

Ok so Albee’s first conference call was at the same time as the beginning of my pick-up window. Not a worry. He helped me get outside right before his call. It was a bit early but all good. It was one of those crisp winter days where it’s NOT raining and the suns out. I LOVE those days! I was cool sitting and waiting for the taxi. I even lost track of time. Before I knew it fifteen minutes had past. So I called the number Access gave me to see where the cab was. They told me the driver would be there in five to ten minutes. That still works.

Side bar- I don’t know if I have ever explained how Access buses work. They give you an half an hour pick-up window. Ok BUT on top of that they typically give their drivers 45 minutes to get you anywhere. I was told they do it to account for traffic or any other problems that may arise. They wanna ensure you are at appointments on time. So the net net is it’s like an hour and some change process. Irritating? YES! There are days I want to SLIT my throat. Then there are day Access is a LIFE saver. So what cha gonna do?

Ten minutes came and left and still NO CAB. I called again and was given the same answer. Now when I called the first time I thought I detected an accent. My second call confirmed my suspicions. Ok I was really try’n not to assume anything. I just closed my eyes and said to myself grasping a DEEP breath, STAY calm Alley. Called Access and told them what was going with the taxi being late. So they called the cab company and called me back. GUESS what Access told me when they called me back. GUESS GUESS!!! They said the cab will be there in bout five to ten minutes! I about FELL out my chair my chair. I WAS FUMEING!!

OH I am NOT done! Ok. Ok. So GET this! I get off the phone with Access about ten MORE minutes roll by. YUP no taxi. I check the time. What time is it? I’ll tell you what time it is. 10 am STRAIGHT UP! It’s my appointment time. At that moment a non-descript, DIRTY, white van pulls up. The windows tented so dark you can’t see in. YES it was the non-descript van you ALWAYS here on the news people go missing in. The drivers STOPS in the middle of the street. Hollywood jumps out the van. You could tell he thought he was fly. As SOON as my eyes saw his nationality my head dropped down in my chest and arms to my side in defeat. Yes he was Ethiopian.

Ok as we’ve discussed I stereotype. BUT every culture has personality characteristics. Case in point I’m black and YES I have a BIG mouth and personality. So this dude steps out the van in his leather jacket, black turtle neck, gold chain around his neck and slacks. Nice? NO CREEPY! Remember he jumped out a dirty, white, broke down non-descript American made van. NO I’m not get’n in that van. It’s got Ted Bundy written all over it. Not to mention it’s my appointment time. So I told him thanks but NO thanks. He was like But I’m here now let’s go. Apparently I was inconveniencing him or maybe he got paid by the ride. Either way I wasn’t getting in that van. Oh and yes Access and I had words!!

You just DON’T treat people like that! Oh and YES I am going to find out who are the powers that be at Access and write a letter about all this. It really chaps my hide…I’M JUST SAY’N!



OK NOW!<strong>

So it’s been like 75 plus degree’s most of the days as of late in Sea town. We even had a stretch of 85 to 94 which is a little too hot for my blood. Call me a BIG BABY but I live in the PNW for a reason. I AIN’T afraid of rain. It’s crazy hot around the whole US of A these days. Yesterday it was 120 in Phoenix. That’s just STUPID! Death Valley was 134 on Friday! The hottest temp on the entire planet. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!

We watched Soylent Green Saturday night with some friends. Classic Charleston Hesston. It came out in 1973 about the year 2021. Interestingly it was about a post-apocalyptic New YORK city. Global warming had JACKED the Earth. Of course it was fiction and NO one viewed it as more than entertainment. But it’s kinda crazy fast-forward to today 2013 it’s WICKED HOT in places (yes I used the word wicked). Farms don’t have water; crops and live-stock are dying. 2021 is nine years away. I’m just say’n. It’s might not be a cheese-e movie after all….just remember don’t eat the green stuff.
Ok so I know it’s been a minute. I was sick and in OT (Occupational Therapy) boot camp at UW. Yes I said UW. I know I talked about that place like it has a tail. OH and it does have a tail. DON’T GET IT TWISTED! I wouldn’t want to be an inpatient there again. If it was the only hospital in the city and I had a gunshot wound I MIGHT opt to bleed out on the street. You think I’M play’n.

Since my operation in 09 I haven’t seen any of their therapy people. I decided to do a touch back series. A touch back is where they pull out Data tak’n right after injury or surgery. See where you were and compare it to where you are now. I like it because they get down and dirty. If your fat they will let you know your fat. Then they will tell you how it is and wil effect your disease long term. I’m not over weight but don’t stretch or workout enough. So they wanted me to start coming there twice a week for a month. So I’ve been doing that in addition to Pushing Boundaries once a week, working and various other appointments. You know a girl STILL gots-sta to get her hair did.
Busy doesn’t even begin to touch what I’ve been.

As Americans we like everything sugar coded. IF we get yearly physicals we only want surface answers. That’s how Governor Christie thought he was healthy at his weight. WHAAT?!! No he wasn’t gonna die tomorrow. Dancing at his daughter’s wedding. Questionable. It’s the same with people that say they don’t eat like they should but I’m healthy. YHELLO that’s an oxymoron! Once again NO you’re not going to die today. But you also not going to have your picture shone on Today shows people over a hundred. Everything we do or don’t do eventually catches up to us!

I think doctors should do the percentages thang they do with babies with adults. Maybe things would click with us better. Unlike with babies who wants to be in the top percent of anything? It would NOT be a good day if your doc said you’re in the top percentage of obesity or poor eating habits for your age group. Who wants to know that? It would be embarrassing but accurate. No one wants to be the worse of your peers. But I bet we would be quicker about get’n in gear. I’m just say’n… Touch backs not just for the handi-capables..for everyone. How U do’N?