Alaska here we come!

~Alaska here we come!

Ok so we leave today on a seven day Norwegian cruise to Alaska. Am I ready? NO! But more importantly I don’t know if Alaska is ready for what I’m brining. Seriously though, packing Is kinda a NIGHTMARE. Nic text us a link to a site that tells you to dress in layers. That’s great and all but it’s seven days of morning, noon and night with like hum-tent-th strangers. I’m not gonna like KICK-IT in my sweats in the eve’nan. Sista gotta be on POINT like 15/7!

I mean I’m packing pants, turtle necks, long John bottoms, cardigans and ribbed sweaters. Oh and there’s a gym on the ship. So I’m also packing gym clothes. Along with the reg toiletries and und-es. It’s a lot to do.
But at last it is DONE. I’m relaxed talking to you cup of Folgers in my hand, new Justin T. serenading my ears. NO turn’n back now. What’s packed is packed and what isn’t just ISN’T!

I keep having to remind myself we will be in America so I can pick stuff up in port if I forgot something. It’s just a new place for us. Although I’m hopeing to get a glance of Russia. Sarah said it’s visible from Alaska…just say’n

Are right time to put it in HIGH GEAR! Catch ya on the flip! BON voyage !


One thought on “Alaska here we come!

  1. C. Walker says:

    Let me know if you see Russia if you do then u are among the unique group with Sarah. I know you will have a great trip espcially see all of Jehovah’s handi work. Looking forward to your advebture in the Alaska Frontier.

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