~Like Ice said, “today was a good DAY!”

~Like Ice said, “today was a good DAY!”

So I wake up this morning and it was raining. BIG whoop right I live in Seattle. Yeah, but yesterday was GORGEOUS! One of those days where you’re like, YES that’s why I live here! Then you wake up the next day to rain and feel bamboozled…

Here’s what’s funny though, yesterday was not that great of a day. I was crazy busy. With my work, hyperbaric, company and dinner with a close friend. I didn’t even have time to put on make-up. Back in da day I would NEVER be caught dead leaving the house without make-up. Then I turned 40! Now I’m like WHAT WHAAAT! Take it or leave it. If I’m running late it’s the thing to go BRO.

But today, today is a good day! Works is slow and I AIN’T made at it. Not one bit. Sade is smoothly singing in the background, like she do. The trees are brushling out my window to a stiff breeze. The Olympic Mountains are still snowcapped and majestically sleeping across sound. I’m sit’n here Forza coffee in my cup. Yes I said Forza NOT Forgers. Not Starbucks! Sorry Matt It has that bitter beer taste. However, I will partake in a pinch. Wink.. Wink!
So, I had a great workout with Popeye at the gym. MAN that dude is strong! We did those sit to stands today WITHOUT the Hulk! I know RIGHT! YES, him seated on a stool in front of a four legged walker that is facing me. Popeye with each hand holding a weight belt I sit on. He pulls the belt towards his chest forcing my body into a standing position. While I attempt to push my bent arms straight down on the walker, too straighten them. What’s HOT is I’ve gained enough strength to do this exercise with JUST the two of us. I’m starting to see the fruit of my efforts. We did a three month assessment of my progress at the gym. I have improved in every category. I know they AIN’T blow’n sunshine my direction! You get nothing for free at Pushing B. I LOVE IT! Oh and Popeye? He’s my dude. He ALL-ITE! He ALL-ITE.

I earned my John Jacob Whisky/pineapple neat(one ice cube) tonight! After my workout I talked to this guy in a cool wheelchair. To hear to handi’s talk’n about their chairs is like hearing men talk about cars. What kind of frame you got? Oh this? It’s the new Qi. It’s sweet! Yeah it’s the lightest chair on the market. WHAAT?! Yeah it’s made out of meteor rock.

I’m not even kidding he said meteor rock. I just smiled and nodded. But for real though meteor? Come on America is what our youth think? I know I can’t spell. At least I know we can’t harvest meteor’s from space and make things out of it. lol

Today was one of those days when I put my hands up and the ceiling COULDN’T hold me… Today was a good day.


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