So you’re not going to believe this. One of Albee’s co-worker/friend reads my blog. After he read about me being sick he thought he’d Google CIPRO and Tizanadine. GUESS WHAT?!! It POPS up immediately there’s a negative drug reaction between the two. OK that’s just RIDICULOUS that the average Joe can figure that out. Yet the pharmacist that went to college for this stuff couldn’t. COME ON! I mean REALLY Mr. Pharmacist?
I WAS giving my Pharmacist slack and not pursuing things further. I thought maybe it was a complicated system and that why it was missed. But if oh Boy could simply u-google(Zoolander style) the two drugs and find out you can’t take them together that’s SHAMEFUL!! I mean that’s how people DIE! I’m fortunate I just got deathly ill. But I’m still not completely back to where I was before. MAD Up’s to T Dog in the Twin. Next time I’m in the Twin, drinks on me. His finding has lite a FIRE in my belly. I think a sister needs some reparations! REPARATIONS I tell you!

(side) I DON’T know when I’ll be in the Twin cities. ESPECIALLY seeing that it’s May 7th and they still have snow! WHAATS THAT?! I think Mother Nature is like I’m reclaiming the space. She’s like, humans here’s your 30 day vacate notice. Oh and if you all don’t leave I can’t be held accountable. Tried to warn ya. TRIED TO WARN YA! Humans be so HARD HEADED!I called my friend that’s a Paralegal. I wanted to see if I had a case since I didn’t die. Someone was DAILING it in and not doing their job in the pharmacy. She told me to call Fred Myers corporate and talk to legal. Yeah the cat’s out the bag. Fred Meyers screwed the pooch.

(Side note) Why was the cat in the bag in the first place?

That’s right friends I’m putting the Ballard Freddie’s of Leary on BLAST!

Yes a corporate call was made (Stephanie if it was you, you in trouble now GIRL!). Ok so I told my experience to Mr. Man in colorless vernacular. He was VERY apologetic. He took the information and said there would be an investigation. He said someone would be calling me. Sure enough a woman did call. She reviewed what had happened to me. What’s SCARY is she ended the conversation telling me an adjuster would be calling me. YOU mean to tell ME this sorta thing happens often enough YOU gotta an ADJUSTER on payroll. And like that my belief in the system fell to pieces like a lopsided cheerleader pyramid.

It’s not about money. It’s about SECURITY. Do I change pharmacist? How do I know this won’t happen at a new place? That’s just it you DON’T know. I kinda figure I’m stay’n put for the moment. You KNOW corporate they’re BUTTS on NOTICE!!! RED ink is all up in that stores file! They all probably know my name now. This is probably the SAFEST place I could be.

It’s been a week since old girl from corporate called me. If I don’t hear from the adjuster in a day or two, I’ll BE on the phone again! You CAN write a check on that!

Sad thing how do you put a price tag on innocence lost? I’m just say’n…


3 thoughts on “~ON SECOND THOUGHT!

  1. V_Lo says:

    I hope they do compensate you for what you went through. I also hope that your bringing it to their attention means procedure changes and that no one else will ever go through what you went through.

    Love ya, glad your on the mend.

  2. T Dawg in the twin says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the drink next time i see you. You need to get that money.Yes, mother nature is really confused up here in the twin.Tell Albee he needs to call me T Dawg instead of Poms. 🙂

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