SiCkO par duh

~SiCKO part deux

Just got home from Pushing Boundaries. I missed two weeks being sick. I worked out with Girl Wonder. It was the first time I worked out with just her. I thought to myself cool this should be easier, she’s a chick. WRONG! Apparently she has something to prove being the only female trainer. So this week is definitely better than the last. If feel like Punxsutawney Phil dragging myself out a hole to see if the suns out. It was just as the orphan predicted it would be.. Mommy is still checking in via phone. In her Mommy style ask’n did you eat, what did you eat, do you feel better today than yesterday? I left the crackers for you. Their on the top of the fridge, don’t forget to use them.

You are NOT going to believe this! I had another doctor’s appointment (SHOCKER right). I should get frequent flier miles for them…eesshh! This appointment was with the doctor that refills my Baclofen pump.
(side note) The pump is titanium, hockey puck sized, device. It was surgically inserted at the level of my belly button in the far right of my stomach. There is a catheter that runs from it around my side and up my spinal canal. The benefit is the medicine is delivered directly to the place it’s needed without traveling through your stomach and rest of your body. Therefore you need a finite amount of drugs. It really is an ingenious invention. I think everyone should have’em to administer all meds. We could be like, I have a headache. Grab a vile of Tylenol and BOOM main line it. Your headache would be gone in like seconds AND saves your Kidneys…think about it…think about it.

I think I can one up a rapper. Check it! I’ve got gold round my neck, platinum on my finger and titanium in my gut!

Anyways! I was like do-ti-do catch’n her up on my life since I’d last saw her. Nonchalantly told her about the UTI MESS I had just gone through. When she interrupts, me and say’s CIPRO? I was like yeah CIPRO the antibiotic. She elaborates you should have never been put on that. I looked at her like excuse me. She continued you’re on Tizanadine and CIPRO have drug reaction and are incapatible. I was like WHHAAAT! Then she asked who my Neurologist is? When I told her she shook her head. Turns out my doc trained in her department and shoulda known that. She was like I’m going to give her a hard time. OF COURSE PLEASE SHAME HER!

So the NET NET friends was I was SO sick because of a drug reaction. I called my pharmacy manager to ask why they didn’t catch the two drug interaction. He didn’t take my word on the issue but said he’d look into it. He called me back in like a NANO second and said he needed to write up a report. Someone was in T-R-O-U-B-L-E on the D-O-U-B-L-E! I hope it is the pharmacist named Stephanie. I CAN’T STAND that girl! Every time I call and she’s working she’s RUDE! Here’s a clue Stephanie you work with the public! It’s your JOB to answer drug questions. Maybe if the mistake is hers she’ll be thrown out the game.

In conclusion two doctors and one pharmacists missed this. It wasn’t bad enough interaction to KILL me. Still I was SICK as a dog! Doctor’s offices are ALWAYS asking you to read over and update your prescription list. WHHAAT good is that gonna do if they don’t check it???? I’m not changing docs because I love em and nothing like this has ever happened before. ButI mean COME ON! Can I get the past few weeks BACK?! GET it together people! EVERYONES ON NOTICE! I’m just say’n…


2 thoughts on “SiCkO par duh

  1. C. Walker says:

    This really shows you have to google and then google again every med you are taking. And not to expect the Doc and others to know and catch a mistake. So thankful it all was caught and you survive it all. Praise Jah!!!

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