Have you ever thought about what’s your definition of the word family? Is it only flesh and blood? Albee was out of town a couple of days last month. While he was gone my Mom came up to stay with me. Oh and yes her, AG and I went cosmetic shopping at Nordstrom again. This time I was looking for the perfect black eyeliner. I know your say’n that’s basic couldn’t you just grab that from like Target. NO you would be sadly mistaken. It’s like shopping for a diamond. It is all about cut, shape, color and longevity. I DON’T want any blue/black or grey black. The shape needs a true point. A water/tear proof liner. Needs to a soft pencil not a liquid. So we fanned out Walker style and went on the hunt. The perfect black was found a NARRS. There was no under tones of black. It effortlessly went on, not chalky oh and tear proof. Matched that with a few Smash Box and Mac shadows, perfection!

(Side bar) What happened to wife-e privacy??? Nordstrom EMAILED Albee the receipt!! WHAAAT! REALLY Nordies! REALLY! Way to BLOW UP my spot. I had spent more than I’ve EVER spent on eyeliner. I was TRY’N to keep that little fact between me, my Mom and lil Sis! SSSESH!!

I digres back to it now.. That week on Wednesday when Albert got home the Washington Fam had dinner together. My Parents, AG and Hubby Mike, Albert and I. Mom and AG made dinner for us. Mom made pork tender loin, fresh water corn bread, yams and cabbage. AG helped with the process of everything. Oh and YES Mom put her FOOT in it. Now technically speaking AG and I have been taught to “make” the same meal. Yet Moms just always taste better in my opinion.

At the table NO cell phones were seen. Not because there were any rule made. No rule was needed. It was simply time to eat and enjoy each other’s company. I personally HATE some aspects of the Smart Phone phenomenon. When did it become acceptable to interrupt whatever you are doing to read a text or send a text? What about checking FB, emails or a Tweet from a Twit? I know people think they think they can hold a conversation, check text and send text at the same time. For argument sake let’s say you can. Does that somehow make it not rude? I have recently joined the smart phone nation. But DON’T get it twisted I have ZZERO temptation to read something while interacting with other people.

You could feel the love in the air. We just ate, told stories some old some new and laughed. No one owns tomorrow. Why not cherish today. I was recently told the most HOUNTING story by an older sister in my congregation. Her husband of nearly sixty years died last year. On the evening before his death he asked her for a kiss when she was leaving the hospital. She shyly declined saying not in front of her grown children and left. Bill, her husband died that night. She never saw him again and wishes she would have except that kiss. My Heart shatters a bit just thinking of the pain in her eyes as she told me. Lost moments…

Then there is family with different blood. Smith is a friend that has crossed the divide into family. She was in town last week. Her visit brought an OLD friend I consider family out of the wood works. T! There really is NO other way to describe her. She is a beautiful black woman full of life. I’ve known T since I was 16. One of my all-time favorite pictures of myself is of the two of us in our teens. She still enters a room the same way. She lock’s eyes with ExCLAIMS GIRL! Depending on her head tilt and look on her face GIRL could mean whatz up, how YOU do’n, I got to tell you SOMETH’N or simply HI. Whatever it is it’s always EXCITEING. It could be a day, month or a year since we’ve seen each other DOESN’T matter. With the word GIRL we are family. Come to think about it T is one of a few that knew me when I was walking, running, hop’n and skipping.

I LOVE that girl!

Another person that fits in that category is Nic. That month in the hospital she was my ROCK! She visited me more than any other person. That meant more to me than I can describe. She is for sure is when the chips are down friend. There are others that fit this s category as well. Like friends that live on the other side of the country. If they were still here we would be watching their daughter grow-up. All while we drank beer and wine they’n cards eat’n sushi! Oh and there’s NO cap on this group.
There is ONE distinction between the groups. At that family dinner if a SQWEEKER would had come out I wouldn’t care. Blood Family would have looked at me and rolled their eyes and laughed. Conversation wouldn’t skip a beat. With friends NO matter how close I would have been MORTIFIED!

I am blessed to have both sets. Just another reason to be thankful. Even though I have more than one health issue I am WHOLE! Thanks Guys! LET’S KEEP IT POP’N


One thought on “~FAMILY?

  1. Ebony says:

    and you know I miss my sis 😉 love you Alley

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