~Back to the Gym!!1

OK, so I’ve tried to blog I DON’T know like FIVE different times now. But one of the girls I work with quit. I’m gonna do her job and my job until we get someone new. I’m good wit it. I really am. When I set everything up according to how MY brain flows we’re good. It’s just get’n it there is where the PAIN lay’s. There are TOO MANY moving pieces. Oh and YEAH, YEAH it’s that magical time of the month!! I was working and had to STOP on a DIME for two pieces of CHOCOLATE! I don’t know the name of the artist play’n on the iPod right now but I HATE it! It’s Albert’s bounce-e Electronic JUNK. I KNOW it’s because I’m currently a BUNDLE OF HORMONES at the moment. I really want to choke the girl singing.

~Back to the gym…

Ok let me take a few sips of my Folgers and gather myself. YES Folgers. SHUT UP we’ve already discussed this. STOP Judging me.

Anyways…So I went to the gym like I now do every Friday. My trainer Aaron (yup I figured out his name) informs me I’m working out with a different trainer that day. Ok I don’t know the other’s name. But he reminds me of Popeye. So for the remainder of my story that’s what we’ll call him. He’s all about 5’6 and a half on the BEST day of like, his life! All tat-ed up on both arms. Short spiked blond hair. He is shaped like Popeye biceps so big his arms pop out and it-e bit-e legs on bottom. Instead of smoking a pipe he pop’s in and out the back door to smoke cigarettes. Walks around the gym like he owns the place cussing like a sailor. Just FULL of piss and vinegar and equal slice of short man’s syndrome.

I must admit when Aaron told me I was working out with Popeye a little pee came out. I mean what did I do to deserve this? Oh yeah, maybe it was payback for the FART. Whatever it was I was shivering in me boots a bit.

So Popeye starts out living up to his name. Pop’s down in front of me with weights and get’s me doing punches at a fast pace. Faster than Aaron has ever had me do. Then he says let’s switch things up. He went and quickly grabbed a mat and this half ball thing. Before I could say MAMA PLEEASE I was face down, arms out, half ball under my stomach. WHAAAT!? Boy was STRONG! I was like, HEY NOW, SAY THAT then! Then he was like let’s do some push-ups. I was think’n, Popeye got’s JOKES! I still tried and failed miserably. Then he said it’s not as simple as that. You didn’t fail. You haven’t attempted a push-up in FOREVER. It’s about fireing those musles and re-training them. Ok. Ok. Popeye was kicking me some knowledge.

So get this Popeye sings. One of his FAVORITE shows is American Idol. Oh and better yet, he’s planning on auditioning. He watches the show with his quadriplegic girlfriend. YES you heard me right. Popeye’s Olive-oil is paralyzed from the chest down. They have been together for four years. Oh and he met her after her accident that made her a quad.
WOW! In one fail swoop Popeye went from a meat head to an officer and a GENTLEMAN! There is no way I’m passing gas around this guy NO matter how hard it gets! I REALLY wanna peer in his baby Blues and say, Popeye I love you. You D man!
Often times when I come in the gym Christian pop music is playing. I always figured one of the gal’s in the gym was playing it. NOPE not at all. It is POPEYE’S MUSIC. I’m so CONFUSED!! Who is this guy?

What a GREAT lesson on you CAN’T judge a book by its cover. It was another AWESOME workout. Pushing Boundaries continues to amaze me. I hope I get to work out with Popeye again. I’m just say’n…


2 thoughts on “~Back to the Gym!!1

  1. Amy Eversole says:

    I love Popeye! He needs the truth.

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