~Like a V6

~Like a V6

Ok so I just got home from Pushing Boundaries. That’s the exercise therapy place for handicap people. I heard about it from an quadriplegic man at Madonna. He was the one that showed me a video on his phone of him walking. When he showed me I was like WHAAT A WALKING QUAD?! I started three weeks ago. I haven’t done the walking machine yet. I’ve seen someone else in it though. The guy I saw in it is a paraplegic. I wanna do it but I’m scared at the same time. It looks a little claustrophobic. It’s a HUGE contraption. They need two people to strap a person into it. Pretty much from your chest down you are a person is secured in this thing. For right now I’m focusing on my arms and core.

My calves and triceps are SCREAMING! When Albee picked me up he said the look on my face was PRICELESS. It looked to him like I was questioning life. He laughed at me. He was EXACTLY right! Forget about uncle. I was calling Granny! NOT Mama Johnnie. She would-a laughed too and took another swig of her Johnnie Walker. I was calling for my Dad’s Ma, Grandma Walker. She was a mother of 11 children. She would take pity on me.

For real though it was a good workout. I love that they don’t treat us with “child gloves”. I get tired of people tip toeing around me. Sometimes at various appointment’s I feel like say’n You DON’T know me CUZ! You DON’T know me. Just because you’re a doctor that works with people who have MS. You haven’t worked with Allison F. BEFORE! You haven’t treated MY MS before. Wanna hear something CRAZY? I don’t know my trainers first name. It’s something like Aaron or Jamie I THINK! From the moment my front wheels hit the floor we are going. It’s like hi, hi give me 15 of these. YES I said 15. Oh and three sets of 15. It’s NOTHING like Physical or Occupational therapy. Where their like do 10 or as many as you can, do da to do…NO..NONE OF THAT. It’s straight Boot Camp for handicaps. GIVE ME 15 GOOD ONES! Oh and if you give one in using BAD form. Guess What? You ARE gonna have to do it OVER! They AIN’T play’n around.

After the first set I’ve already done MORE than I’ve done in an hour of PT. YES like working with a trainer in a gym they yell at you. You can NOT dial it in! They STRAIGHT beat my butt like a captured runaway slave. NO MERCY! You know how it is in a gym with other people in there working out at the same time as you? You don’t wanna make a lot of noise while you’re working out. Yeah by the end of my workout I DIDN’T care who heard me grunt, scream or cry. I was working out for MY life. With one VIOLENT thrust of the arms a POOT came out. For those of you not familiar with the poot YES I FARTED. There I said it! I think half of me let it fly hoping it would have made my trainer step back off me. Thus giving me a moment of REST! NO, apparently not his first rodeo. We weren’t stopping until the set was done!

On the flip I’m beginning to see the benefits. I went to roll my wheelchair to do something and pop’d a wheel-e. I was like, HEY NOW! I continued on and pop’d another one. I thought I wasn’t doing anything different. Then it HIT me! I had more strength. Now I can turn this chair on a DIME! WHAAAT! That’s really is all I to have the muscle to move my chair to and fro effortlessly. My last memories of walking is falling. I might have said this before but it bears repeating. My PT would tell me I’d be happier in a wheelchair but I WASN’T have’n it! Now I get it. How I feel working out and seeing results, PLEASE. With that I’m HOOKED. HOOKED I tell you. I can’t wait to see how I will be after a few more months of training. I’ll be able to handle this chair like a Porsche!


7 thoughts on “~Like a V6

  1. C. Walker says:

    So good to see you got a real PT work out. Keep going and you will reap the beefits soon I always believe in hard work will pay off. I am behind you cheering you on.

  2. Rayna says:

    Love this! Kick some serious butt girl.

  3. V_Lo says:

    You go girl!!!

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