~Still Reeling

~Still Reeling

December 14, 2012 wasn’t just the day I turned 40.  It was the day America stopped breathing for a moment.  Two and 1/2 days have passed and I’m still having problems breathing.  I haven’t felt this way sine 9/11.  In the shower or any other quiet moments my mind is consumed with it.  Social media lite up with story Friday morning.  Yet it became cemented in time when news anchor Brian Williams said 27 souls were last in New Heaven Connecticut.  A twenty year old gun man walked into an element and went on a shooting spree.  20 children between five and ten are amongst the fallen.

I went back and forth whether to write about this.  Then I realized how couldn’t not write about it.   It’s now apart of all American’s yarn of life.  NO matter how deep your head is in the sand you CAN’T get away from this one.

Even the Commander and Chief of America shed tears speaking to the nation about it.  He said something has to be done about all these shootings of late.  True but WHAT?  This America “The Land of the Free’.  Freeness of speech allows people to bare arms.  Albee often say’s “absolute freedom is NOT true freedom.  When you are free  you will absolutly infringe on someone freedom”.

Some people complain about all the rules of flying.  As if 9/11 never happened. The TSA THIS the TSA THAT.  I’ve even heard statements no terrorist have been in a wheelchair, old or blonde hair and blue eye’d. They shouldn’t make us go through all these hoops.   REALLY!? REALLY?!  Ok please allow me to ENLIGHTEN.  The shooter was a white, brown eyed boy.  He lived in a city where the AVERAGE household income is $111,100.  The SAME city was voted safest city in America!  So, SHUT UP, TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AND WALK THROUH THE SCANNER!!  Whatever they decide to do about school security DON’T complain and JUST DO IT!!!.   Nothing in this system is perfect.

Oh and I am THREW with the people that say this is why they don’t watch the news.  Next words out of their mouth’s is it’s always bad news. Ok so if you have kids DO you just let the world raise them?  Friday 20 children between five and ten were gunned down.  Just because you CHOOSE TO CLOSE YOUR EYES doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  If you don’t talk to them someone at school will.  Oh and DON’T tell me you get your news from social media like FB.  In truth that is where we first heard about it.  My friend read he killed his Dad at home, then his wife, killed his Mom and kids at the school.  The Evening News told us killed his Mom at home and then went to the school.

All the religious leaders they interviewed were at a loss for words.  One priest broke down like President Obama.  Event’s like this can make some people question their faith.  QUESTION?  How does this fit in with evolutionist?  I’m sure this support’s Darwin’s no God theory.  If it is the survival of the fites’s that works.  The children or unarmed people in a movie theater are weak.  What about people worshiping in a shrine or shopping at the local mall?   Weak right?  Wouldn’t that mean people are evolving into unconscionable, heartless monsters?

Karma doesn’t work for me either.  The shooter killed himself.   He doesn’t have to face the parents of those children.  He won’t have to spend the rest of his life in a jail cell.  He died on his own terms.  What’s interesting is an age old book found in most homes in America nails it.  Timothy wrote this in 65 C.E. wrote “…in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.  For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection…without self-control, fierce, without natural affection.   He nailed it! CRAZY! That kid didn’t have natural affection for people, children no less.   It doesn’t matter what version of bible you read.  Second Timothy chapter three has the same sentiment. In 65 C.E. he  NAILS 2012.

There are a lot of people that have put their bets on the Mayan’s.  Their calendar ends on the 21st of this month.  With all  the craziness it feels like it could all end but it wont.  As for me I’m putting all my money on the bible.  As accurate as Timothy is I’m not going to question John who says “Do not marvel at this, bbecausethe hour is coming in which all those will come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life…” Those children aren’t lost…


3 thoughts on “~Still Reeling

  1. Ebony says:

    You said nothing but the truth here. Like you I’m putting all my money on the bible and not what this crazy system is offering

  2. Adrienne Lane says:

    Hey, Still Reeling: You are chicken noodle soup for the soul.🍵 I am encouraged and driven to get through these last days knowing that there are Sisters, just like you, that keep it real and very positive at the same time! We love you, ❤❤. The dance is in your heart!!👠👠

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