~My Truth


WELL the day has come. I’ve lived 40 years, 40 years!   That’s just WILD!  WILD I tell you. I’ve lived half a life time in my cases.  So much has happened.  It’s been some good, some BAD. I’ve had VERY HAPPY times and some DOWN RIGHT COLD BUSTED times.   Let’s see in this first quarto decades…been black, a girl, a woman, have walked, even ran, been called a nigger.  I worked in cosmetics, advertising,  marketing and now I’m handicap.  I was diagnosed with an incurable disease; scuba dived, had God, lost GOD and then found him again.  Seen five countries, been fired, was pregnant once but never a mother.  I married the love of my life.  MAN!  Many the miles

It’s interesting that by 40 our lives our like a good size ball of yarn.  No one ball is rolled in the same pattern.  Conzatti went with some friends to Jazz Alley to see a local guy that was on the Voice.  Not just ANY guy I managed him back in the day.  Seriously one of the MOST vocally talented people I’ve ever heard sing.  I did everything COULD get him a record deal.  Conzatti is always irritated he didn’t stay in touch with me when my health went south.    After the show she talked to him and he told her to tell me thanks for all my support in the early days.  She said he’s improved so much and she will buy his next CD.

I should care and want a copy.  It’s strange but I don’t.  So much yarn has been rolled since.  I’m HAPPY for him.  I really am but he is a memory.

Thinking about those days brings back a rush of feelings.  Mostly feelings of anxiety. In the past I always felt like I had something to prove.  Whether it was about the color of my skin, my gender or my looks.  I hated being viewed as “pretty”.  Some people would insinuate that is why I got where I was at.  I was in my twenty’s hosted Funk/hip hop night’s, booked bands at one popular club, Dj’d and managed bands.  Oh and had a FULLTIME day job.  How DARE you call me pretty!  I worked my tushie OFF.  I wont bore you with the list of things that went into making it all work.  Conzatti could tell you about the hard work.  Her poor butt was coming with me on the ride whether she wanted to or not.

My Mother has been nudging me to sell my records and turntables.  Even Conzatti has told me Dj Cut Father asked about buy’n them.  For some reason I CAN’T catch mybreath everytime I try to sell them.

Learning how to Dj was such a profound part of my life.  Squeezing in getting with Dj Classic. Him making me do things OVER and OVER again.  I didn’t think I would get it.  I Can’t tell you how many record stores try’n to find the MY perfect songs.  FINALLY I spun in public leg’s shaken and all.You see once you’ve been paid for your job you are LEGITE!  When you are paid for your second appearance at the same place you’ve earned your name.  Allison F Walker was in the wind.  Dj AlleyKat had arrived.  The day a Dude yelled across a movie theater “Dj AlleyKat”, I had a voice.  My message was a crossed.

No two Dj’z are the same.  You have a unique signature.  I took steps to sell.  Cutfather Face Booked me about buying them.  That’s COOL Right.  He was Dj’N before me.  He’s still GIG’N and just as HOT!  When he hit me up on FB he was like “WHAT’Z UP ALLEYKAT”.  I’d hadn’t been called that in like 10 years.

Once Dj Kun Love told me he had MAD respect for me.  Not because I was the best Dj. Rather It was because I had the balls to be heard.  He explained there are a ton of people spinning in the basements. But you’re not a Dj until you’re willing to play in front of people.  People that will love or HATE you. Kun said the ones that don’t like you will be very vocal about it.  He said he wanted to check this girl out that he keep hearing about.  Keep practicing Mz. Kat you’ll get it, you ALL’ ITE.

Dj Kun Love is THE god father of Hip Hop R & B Dj in Seattle.  Not ONLY is he still spin’n he is now a club owner.  He bought the old Twilight Bar in downtown Seattle.  The most GUETTO club in Sea-Town!  ONLY go there if you are STRAPPED!  Having Kun checking me out is only second to Michaela Jordan walking through the door.  YES friend’s waz POP’N on our club NITE!  Not only the KING of basketball but Pippen and Harper were with him.  It was the 90’s.  Phill Jackson’s Bull’s LITE the Country on FIRE.

Not to mention spin’n with Dj Woogie D.  He taught me how to scratch.  He is from New York and didn’t drive.  If I booked it he took it. No questions asked.  I picked his butt up from Burien to Greenwood.  We were THICK as THEIVES! 

So many memories lined the cases my turntables lay in.  How could I SELL them. I knew I couldn’t sell them  to a faceless person on Ebay?  That’s like WRECKOUSLY  give’n your virginity away.   Once it’s gone you will never get that moment in time back.  But selling them to Cut wasn’t right either.

Somehow everything changed last Saturday night.  I don’t know why but it did.  We were playing games with relatively new friends.  When Norflet was commenting on almost EVERY song on my playlist.  He was doing the heavy head bop that brotha’s do.  All act’n like his early 20’s self REALLY knew anything about 80’z/90’z hip hop.  I knew he did Dj in college.  If you can call electronic (iPad) mixing Dj’n. WHATEVER!!! He humbly said he was saving for turntables. And there it was.  I felt like Andy in Toy Story when he realized Woody and the gang didn’t belong in the attic.  They should go to the little girl next door.  I can’t lie I’m cry’n reflecting on my moment.  The moment I realized these turntables were no longer mine.  They were Norflets. I wept like a Mother watching her last child graduate.  Not that she’s NOT happy.  It’s just the flood of emotions.  ALL the late nights, early mornings, first steps. School work, missing teeth have been done.   They would never to happen again. We ALL have or will experience this kinda TIDEL WAVE of emotion about something in our lives.

Wooolf! Shake it off WALKER!  SHAKE IT OFF!  Seriously though you should have seen his face.  He asked me like 50 times through of the evening If I was serious.  He said he’d never received a gift like this.  I knew he was right.  He was just another little poor black boy.  I HAD to remind him his BEST gift was NEW bride!  They HADN’T even got their wedding pic’s yet.  DON’T lose focus son!

It’s FUNNY I can’t walk.  Some of my fingers are get’n all crooked.  At times I have CRAY CRAY nerve pain.  Yet I’m at PEACE.   The BEST dayis a Sunday afternoon is when Albee is on the couch reading a book.  PM Dawn is softly singing, “I’ll Die Without You” in my ears.  While I’m drinking coffee (yes it’s Foldgers.  don’t hate) composing a blog.  I Couldn’t feel better about my life now. I’ve earned that wrinkle under my left eye.   Who cares if my boob’s are just beginning to resemble Pigmies’ breast.  The girls have dropped some.  WHAT-CHA GONNA DO?  NO breast lift here!  I earned that sag fare and square!

Giving my turntables to Norflet was letting go of the past 40.  I’m so excited to start the next 40.  It is one more step towards being and old black lady.  BETTER yet an old black woman in a wheelchair!  STOP IT! STOP IT!  I can’t WAIT to be that old black woman that always speaks her mind.  YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHI’N YET!  Might as well give me the keys to the city NOW!  It’s gonna be a MESS!  Madea won’t have NOTHING on me. NOTH’N!

So, 40 I heard you knocking at my back door.  Come on and GET yo-self in HERE!  NO reason to be standing outside in the rain.  Come in where you BELONG.  Sit down and kick of your shoes.  Can I get you a cup of Foldger? I’m just SAY’N  let’s get the NEXT 40 POP’N!!!


2 thoughts on “~My Truth

  1. Rina says:

    Alli, this was so good. I haven’t known you for very long, but I love your strength and generosity. When I get to 40, I’d like to feel as you do, now. Norflet better LOVE that turntable!

    Also, I loved your “WRECKOUSLY” because it’s totally the wrong spelling for “RECKLESSLY”, but it describes how a girl can give her virginity away so much better haha!

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