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~On the flip

ow are you doing is such an interesting question.  Since my surgery last Tuesday I’ve been asked that.  Truth is I don’t really know the answer.  I appreciate the question.  I really do.  Albee say’s I OVER THINK everything.  He’s right I do.  In my DEFENCE, in this instance there is a lot to consider.  A little over a month ago I had a similar procedure.  RECALL, I was feeling like I was Rihanna’s song “Only Girl in The World.  I was all LOUD and PROUD!  I was CUT’N back on pills.  You COULDN’T tell me NUTH’N! NUTH’N!  Then before you could say BOO another area of my Trigeminal nerve POP’D OFF.  So you can see why I’m a little bit shy about giving the ALL CLEAR just yet.

I’ve decided I’d rather have a disease over a quote unquote condition.  At LEAST a disease has a prodigal.  Let’s say you have I don’t know HIV, we know that one.  If it turns to FULL BLOWN Aids you gonna die.   It starts with debilitating symptoms like circulation problems, easily bruesing, decreased alertness and more.  We’ve seen the pictures.  Unfortunately it is all the same here or Africa.

A condition is CRAZY!  Nobody seems to know what’z it’s gonna do.  It can go dormant just as quickly as lighting a FIRE.  So surgery wise it went GOOD.  The right side of my mouth is numb. My face is sporadically numb from my chin up to my tempo.  It’s WEIRD!  I KEEP bite’n the right side of my tongue, cheek and lip.  It’s sooo STRANGE!  I will CHOMP down on what I think is food.  Only problem is it has NO taste and the WRONG consistency.  Then I later look in the mirror.  YuP!  I tried to eat me.

Albee said my DOC “KICKED THE TIRES AND LITE THE FIRES”.  I don’t know that one.  I do know DOC wasn’t PLAY’N he put his FOOT IN IT!  That side of my face feels like how Shrek looks.  When I look in the mirror it’s my normal face I see.  Yet Ii feels like an OVERSIZED, DISTORTED, GREEN thing.    It’s odd but BETTER than pain!  Oh but wanna hear the STRANGEST part?!  Everything taste salty on that side of my tongue.  I can feel putting on lip gloss on part of my lip.  The other side feels like I’m put’n it ona STRANGER!

They called to check on me post procedure.  I asked them about all of this.  Ok, guess their answer…

Well Allison it’s hard to know with “conditions” like these.  Hopefully your taste bug problem will be temporary.  Some numbness is expected.  That is how you receive pain relief.  You will learn how to navigate eating around it.  I wonder about the high dose of pills I’m on.  When can I cut back on them?  The TRUE taste if the operation worked for the time being.  Their reply was they don’t know the answer to that question.  They were the surgery staff.  I would have to talk to my pain doc for that.  In other words GLAD you didn’t die on our watch!  HOPE some of the spegetti we threw on the wall STICKS!

I guess I’m cool with that.  FUNNY!  Not that I have a choice.   But I can work with it!  The lighting strikes of pain have deceased for now.  I know it’s a condition.  It tis what it is and will be what it will be….

We leave for Cabo Monday for a week.   We will get some much needed R and R.   Holla at ya when we get back!


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