Albee and I went to Madonna this past week.  I MUST say I can’t stop thinking about it.  The Woman is like 54 years old!!  She has a body most twenty year olds would dream of.  I didn’t think it was possible for a woman her age to have THAT body.  Truth be told I wanted to see her at least once before she stopped touring.  OK it was easily one of the BEST shows I ever seen.  She didn’t start until 10:30.  I just figured the old lady needed a nap she however, did perform the night before.  For a second I thought maybe we wouldn’t get as good of a show.  NAAAW! SHE WAS On POINT!  Even vocally she did better than I excepted.  She did an OFF THE HOOK version of ‘Like a Virgin’ with an upright saloon style piano and Bass… REALLY?!! Can a sista get a copy of THAT?!

I don’t share Madonna’s view on a lot of things.  But I must say she has used her life to full.  Been married a couple of times, been a thru pregnancy twice, adopted another and achieved complete in her career.  By the world standards, anyway.  She uses her legs to  the full.  Seeing her control of the stage reminded me of something Christopher Reeves said after being paralyzed.  He was at a cocktail party with his wife.  He said watched people sitting then standing and walking across the room.  He marveled at the effortless action.  They all took it for granted While he STRUGGLED to even learn to breathe on his own again after everything.  He made that statement on an interview I saw while I was still walking.  I never paid it much thought.  Now as a member of the wheelchair club I think of it often.  Madonna seemed to effortlessly glide across the stage.  Just 2 and a ½  years in this chair and watching Madonna seems magical.

We sat in the handicap section, AWSOME seats!  They do give us ROCK STAR seats. Who knew, RIGHT?! I met a quad (handi talk for quadriplegic).  He was at work in Juno Alaska and fell off a cliff and broke his spine at c4.  As a result he had no movement.  Then he went to Pushing Boundaries in Redmond WA.  A excersise therapy place.  Now he has limited range of movement in his arms and hands.  He showed me a couple of video’s from his sessions there.  In one of them he was walking!  WHAAT A QUAD WALKING?!!  SHUT UP YOU SAY?!!  I know RIGHT!  If I hadn’t seen it first handed I wouldn’t believe it.  They had him in this Niel Armstrong get up on a tread mill walking.  One more time for emphasis, WHAAAT! 

I had a dream last night the walking device.  I dreamed they made improvements and it was sleeker.  You were able to slip it over your clothes.  You DIDN’T need help to get into it.  Put your feet in and shimmy it up to your thights and turn it on.  It would do the rest!  It was one of those dreams you DON’T wanna wake from.  But you do wake up.

I’ve been sitting for two and ½ years now!  Can you believe that?  I cant.  Just close your eyes for minute please.  If you are sitting take note of your position.  Then open your eyes and try to stand up but prevent yourself from doing so.  Think of two and a ½ years of sitting in that position.  All of a sudden paying $100 for an hour is chump change.  Most likely insurance most likely wont pay for it because its not medicaly necessary to stand.  But its emotionally necessary.  I would love to stretch my legs.

That’s like asking you last week to skip and or jump for me was needed (I must say only ONE friend did it for me. BOOOO). There are certain things a quad or pair can understand.  BUT YOU CAN BET YOU BUTT ALLEY IS STANDING BEFORE THE YEAR IS OUT!!.


6 thoughts on “NOT A WASTE OF A GOOD SET

  1. C. Walker says:

    This is heavy and very insightful, I was sitting down and did what you mention close my eyes then try to stand up. I could not it really makes you feel what you said but just a very very small way. Thanks for letting me in your head for a second. I learn so much from your very honest blog. Love you

  2. Ebony says:

    I did skip and jump for you last week but I’m just getting around to post it. Not only did I do it but I got a couple of my students to do it with me 🙂 Miss you girl

  3. Dad says:

    Hey, there. I’m going to skip for you right now. I don’t know how many more of these I have left, but I’ll give you what I have. Love, dad

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