Did you forget your Hog Tie??!!!

~Cause I can make a make-shift one for you.

Ok Albert and I could NOT have kids today.  We’d be in jail and our kids would be in the system for sure.  We are from the spanking generation.  Therefore yes we would be SPANKING OUR KIDS.  Not abuseing them.  Some people think the two are one in the same.

My father was strict with a capitol S.  I didn’t appreciate it back then BUT I do today.   When we moved to Washington from L.A. our new house had a dishwasher.  We thought that was so cool!  However my Dad didn’t allow us to use it at first.  We needed to learn how to wash dishes CORRECTILY by hand.  I’ll never forget once he pulled a glass from the cupboard that was dirty.  It had previously been my night to wash dishes.  So did I just have to wash that glass over again?  NO!  Every glass in the cupboard.

The vacuum lesson is still how I do it.   It would make my teeth itch to watch Taze vacuum.  BUT I am just a step parent and my Pop’s way isn’t the only way.  It is however KING in my eyes!  It’s all in the wrist.  Perimeter, body and corners it leaves a uniform design.  Our house was not a democracy it was a Father/Motherocracy.  It was their land and I and my siblings were temporary residents of the kingdom.  One law when I was a teen was all prospective weekend plans had to be turned in Wednesday for review.  Do you know what it was like to get your fellow teenage friends to make plans early in the WEEK??!!

Yes Arthur and Allison were home many Friday nights.

Some would say I was raised in a military style house hold. At the time I thought it was awful and couldn’t wait to go AWALL.   Now I see it differently.  All this mumble jumble of my youth was sparked by a dinner I spent with a SPAWN…

Albert and I were at a dinner where there was one of the WORST kid EVER.  The truth is it was an awful parent.   At the beginning of the dinner the boy seemed like a good kid.  He sat in his chair, said a kind hello when introduced by his mother, showed us all his toy he’d made.  I thought to myself what a nice boy.

Somewhere between the caser salad and pizza the spawn of Satan emerged.   He was up out of his chair, talking loud, interrupting conversation, hanging on railings and etc.  Once his mom asked him to stop and he just looked at her DEAD IN HER FACE and said why??and got louder.   Did she get up,  walk over, firmly grab his arm and take him out and reprimand him?  OF COURSE NOT!   She looked away and went back to her conversation.   Now keep in mind we are in a restaurant.  He wasn’t just interrupting our table of ten.  Wait staff and neighboring tables of people were obviously annoyed.  It was embarrassing.  I should have known something was up when she was sitting across the table from him instead of next to him.   She knew he was a mess and didn’t want to sit by him.

You would hope the story ends there, I wish it did.  To cap it all off the boy walks up to the 55 plus man in our group and repeatly acts like he’s shooting him with a gun. Making SHOOTING GUN sound and everything.  What does mom do?  NOTHING!  Here is the KICKER; the man is our BOSS (Oh and NO I won’t tell you her name so don’t ask)!

Ok and this wasn’t a little kid.  He was like eight. Old enough to no better!  When I was seven and we were over friend’s house I accidently pulled out a miniature elephants ivory tusk. Yes I broke a souvenir from Africa.  Did it matter that it was an accident?  NO! I knew the rules!  My Mom was very clear.  Say hello to adults, no running in people’s homes, don’t touch things that aren’t yours and eat what you are given even if you don’t like it.  You are a guest.  My Dad is old school black.  Since my offence was in another person’s home he offered me to be spanked by the father of the home.  When Bro Lewis declined was I free and clear?  NO!  My Dad just asked to borrow a belt and a private room and TANNED MY BOOTY.  Then for good measure I had to say sssshha…sor.. Sorry sobbing.

I will never forget that day.  Not because of the spanking.  I was embarrassed.  I was so mad at myself for breaking the tusk.  I not only learned I should have followed the rules but there are consequences in life if you don’t.

Back to the spawn.  What was truly the sad reality?  He had NO clue what he was doing was not acceptable.  His Mom was creating narcissistic person. He thought the world was there for him.  How would he fare in the world today?  Would you want to drive on the highway with him? What if the economy doesn’t get better?  He would be trying to compete with kids that were raised like me.  I’ve only not got hired for one job I have interviewed for.  Walker Boot Camp taught me how to be a productive member of society.  The world did NOT revolve around me.

At 22 I got my dream job of that time; a Clinique consultant at South Center Bon Marche (now Macy’s).  Not a cake walk job as you may think.  Have you ever been by a Clinique counter and seen it dirty or a C out of place?  (Shut-up Nicole and AG you don’t count)  That’s because the counter is broken up into sections for cleaning.  Each white coat gets an area to maintain.  You pull everything off a self or out of the case, clean the case, rotate and wipe down product; restock with all C’s on products facing forward.  All this on top of selling, maintain customer files, filing out goal sheets, contacting customer for events via phone and mail.

Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of love in the Walker household.  I still talk to my parents several times a week.  During the recession of the 80’s my Dad lost his corporate job in Bellevue.  Did he cry? No!  He got in where he could fit in.  My parents did what was necessary to take care of us. Dad worked retail at Radio Shack and my Mom selling Avon and demoing food at various grocery stores.  They did what they had to take care of us.  Mom even stood in line for powder milk and government cheese.  My brother and I gratefully ate government grilled cheese sandwiches.

So spawn’s mother doesn’t get a hall pass for being a single mother.  If anything that’s more of a reason to buckle down.  The world AIN’T going to give him a pass for being from a broken home…

The whole subject makes me HOT! MAKES ME HOT!


7 thoughts on “Did you forget your Hog Tie??!!!

  1. Val Larson says:

    Hmmmmm…I hate when a child embarrasses his parent(s) him/her self and the people around them. But I must say, I HATE when a parent embarrasses their child as well. I would bet that the parent that was offered the chance to whoop YOUR butt was embarrassed at the offer! While you have fond memmories of a loving parent and well…you turned out OK. I know that there are other means to raise a child to behave and live productive lives!

  2. Ebony says:

    I’m only stating an opion but some parents now days want to be a friend or an older sister/brother and not a mother/father,be a parent first and the friendship will eventually happen.

  3. Rayna says:

    Agree totally Allison! I love your blog!

  4. C. Walker says:

    This was totally from a child’s eyes, I had no clue that Allison compare life in the Walker home to boot camp. I really enjoyed it and so happy my baby girl really appreciate her training. It took a while but you benefited from the Walker boot camp and it made you the person you are today. Not wanting any children LOL, Love You Mom

  5. allison raney says:

    Glad you like it

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