Last weekend I went with some friends to see the late Whitney Houston’s last movie Sparkle.  It was a good story.  But what makes it a must see was the era.  The clothing was structured and BUEATIFUL and the make-up even better.  The first thing my Mom said to me after she saw it was SHE LOVED THE CLOTHES!

Today its all about “fast fashion” There is a Forever 21 and H&M in almost every major town.  Even Targe’ has got in one it.  They wanna call it affordable fashion.  COME ON PEOPLE, let’s call it what it really is. BROKEN DOWN CHEAP FASHION.  Don’t get me wrong Targe’ is my JAM.  I just know the quality isn’t season over season.

As for Mz. Whitney she was alright.  No she didn’t look the best.  In part it was the character she was play’n and her hard living.  How good do you think a former CRACK HEAD is supposed to look?  She spent the last UMTENTH years running around screaming BOBB-E.  Oh and having a busted daughter.  WOW Bobby-Christina was an ugly child and it hasn’t got much better now that she’s grown!  Wooo that child didn’t have a chance with B. Brown as her daddy.

Back to the movie.  Whoever did the make-up was on TILT.  The eyeliner was that perfect consistency where you really cant tell for sure if it’s liquid or pencil.  I still haven’t found that in real time. The music was done by Mr.  Kelly and he brought it.  He mixed old with new and Whit’s one solo was beautifully placed.  It really took the viewers to a simpler time.

Today our music is cheap and translucent.  It’s filled with Ke$ha’s, Minaj and Gaga.  You may want one or two songs but not the LP.  So we point and click and in a flash it’s in your Laptop.  I must confess it is perfect for purchasing songs that you wouldn’t dare admit to another soul you liked…I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this.  But in truth Albert picked the fruit and convinced me to taste it.  So he said I want you to listen to something.  OK Babe what you got?  It started, the lyrics were on point! I was like all-ight.  All-ight.  Tight little rap in it.  Ok Babe who is it?  A new artist?  He looked at me with the Cheshire cat grin. Then he said in what seemed to be in SLOW MOTION J-U-S-TIN B-E-E-BER!  I yelled NO!!!!!! I wish I could have seen the look of defeat on my own face.  Albert just laughed and said do you want hear it again?   At this point my head was on the dining room table with my arms slumped down at my side.  I sadly raised my fist in the air and nodded yes with it. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Friends I must say in my defense Beeber’s  rapper Big Sean is one of the same ones on Kayne’s cut Mercy.  Can you imagine how that went down when Kayne found out? Big Sean walked in the music studio and everyone was SILENT.  Kayne turns around and looks at Big Sean cocking his head sideways BEEBER?!!  Big Sean probably shrugged his shoulders put is right fist in and out of his left hand say’n white kid got bank.

I MUST say it is the JAM.  Check it, draw your blinds, close the door and turn off the light and check it out. Oh and don’t watch the video.  That will ruin the illusion.

When’s the last time you bought a CD?  Where would you even buy a new CD?  Warehouse Records, Camelot Music store or FYI are all gone.  We now worry about the color, size and generation of our iPod.  I miss FIGHT’n the celophane wrap to open the jewel case the CD came in.  Then once the CD is FREE’d I popped it in the player. As it played I’d looked at the artist pic’s and read the inspiration for the CD while having a drink laying on the couch.  I challenge you to buy a CD if you still have something to play it on. Take your time looking at the pictures, reading the artist words listen to the A and B tracks.

Remember when you would hear about a new song that was the CUT.  Your only choice was blindly buy the CD or listen to the top 10 on the radio?  Even that wasn’t a sure thing.  It was always exciting when my lil Sis would call me to turn on my radio quick because the new song was on next.  GOOD TIMES!

Now it’s really just about songs.  We just scan artist new music and pic and choose.  Not knowing the pain or joy behind a song.  It’s so impersonal.  Music and memories go hand in hand for me.  I loved laying on the family room floor in the dark with my POPs listening to music.  I can still hear “…Are you going to scars berry fair” it’s engraved in my mind.  One of my sweetest memories of Taze would never happen if I had a choice to not get the whole CD. We were on a road trip to Albee’s Mom’s house.  In the car listening to James Blunt’s song I think it’s called Hollow.  Taze was singing it as if he gave birth to those words.  I don’t know what he was hollow about.  Was it his Dad and Mom’s divorce?  Maybe a lil girl at school that broke his heart? I don’t know perhaps he just liked the song.  My eyes still get glossy to think that he felt safe enough to share that moment with me.   His little pink cheeks, eyes closed and mouth open.  My heart still feel’s the afterglow.  Even though he’s my step BRAT I smile and think of him every time I hear the song.

Taze-a-reno here’s looking at you kid… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPc0ClGBPvQ


2 thoughts on “~Nostalgia

  1. Shandra says:

    Too funny about The Bieber…Autumn hates it when I call him that, she says it’s as if I think I know him or something. I became a part-time fan when I saw his movie as It was actually pretty good! I also became a part-time fan of Katie Perry when I saw her movie. I’m so fickle, and easily entertained. I would love to see Sparkle! One of my girlfriends is really into doing makeup and fashion so this is right up her “ALLEY” thanks for the tip!

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