Put your big boy pants on

~Put your big boy pants on

I read in People Magazine the other day Jack Osborne was diagnosed with MS.  Yes, Ozzy and Sharon’s boy.  I couldn’t STAND that kid back in the day on their reality show.  He was a rich disrespectful brat!  Well different day my friend, different day indeed.  He is handsome, a new father and engaged.  Been sober for like ten or more years.   Well done Jack.  Well done indeed!

The article said he’s mad and the family is horribly upset.  I understand also being recipient of MS.  So I get it I really do.  When I was diagnosed I felt like I just took a baseball to the chest thrown by Clemmons.  My breath was GONE.

So get your breath Jack, you’re gonna need it.  Then shake off the disappointment and get in the game.

First rule of play- it ain’t the end of the world.  Sharon and the fam were KILLING me.  All the talk and cry’n about him being a good person and blaming God.  Please!  God didn’t give you MS Jack, life did.  Is a person who happens to be turned into a paraplegic because of a car accident a bad person? NO, just time and unforeseen Occurrences Jack.  They happen to all of us.  You ain’t special kid.

I’m not try’n to be insensitive, but it is what it is.  I myself am female, black and handicap.  That’s right a triple threat. A Tipple minority.  WHAT WHAAAT! So I can talk and I will talk.  (I think I need my own gang finger sign).  I digress…

So if I knew then what know now I wouldn’t just listen to doctors.  I lost valuable time.  Remember it’s the “practice” of medicine.  Let me know when they Perfect that mess.

I would have taken inventory of everything I could currently do like running, jumping, walking backwards everything.  Then create an exercises program including all of that.  Perform the exercises several times a week.  Change my eating habits.  Cut out process foods, sugar and bead as much as possible.  Stay on top of it.  I can’t tell you when I couldn’t skip any more.  It just seems like one day I needed a cane then a walker the next thing I knew I was in a wheelchair.

Oh and find hyperbaric chambers in your area.  I honestly feel if I would have found out about this therapy before I lost the ability to walk.  I seriously think I still would be walking.  Better yet ask Ozzy and Sharon to buy you a chamber.  Who new Michael Jackson had it right all long…

Remember MS isn’t a life threatening disease like Cancer, Heart disease, or Leukemia.  Even if it were, your parents are celebrities.  You have AWESOME resources.  Think about us poor suckers that have these illnesses no money or connections.  Chin up brother I’m sure you can get face time with Ann Romney and get her secret.  Chic looks good and is still walking for as long as she’s had it.  Get some of her MAGIC juice!

Pull up your pants Jack!  You all-ight


One thought on “Put your big boy pants on

  1. Val Larson says:

    Awesome blog! It was about a year and a half ago that my dear friend told me she was in trouble. It was either MS or ALS that was changing her life. She actually prayed for MS! As it turned out…ALS was the diagnosis. A death sentence. How is she doing? She is taking it one day at a time. She has grace and style and beauty inspite of it all! It is what it is.

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