You are NOT going to believe THIS! So this past Tuesday I took Access like normal to my OT appointment.  The driver rolled me onto the lift and latched the emergency belt behind me. Then activated the lift, raising me up to the same level as the van and as I rolled in we had the normal cordial banter.  As I paid my fare he looked at me and said you don’t recognize me arrogantly as he open handily touched his chest.  He touched his chest as to indicate he was hurt.

I hadn’t recognized him. He didn’t have the silver foe diamond earrings or silver bracelet on.  The only silver that remained was his oversized silver chain with a cross dangling around his neck. Oh and the oversized sunglasses. Yes it was PEANUT head.  Allow me to explain how CREAPY this was.  I have been riding Access again for about three months.  In that time this is the FIRST time I’ve ever had the same driver twice!!!  I do have to say when I realized it was him a few drops of pee came out.

As he locks my chair in and harnesses my seat belt he talks about my complaint.  Not to apologize.   Rather he proceeded to talk down to me saying you weren’t talking about me were you?  He even said you must have meant someone else.  Suddenly my disability was very apparent to me.  There were no other riders on the bus.  I began to feel trapped.  What was on this FOOLS mind?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a JERK?  You know he’s cheating, lying or just treating you bad.  But he tries to get in your head and confuse you.  He tells you the sky is green when it’s clearly blue.  HE was that guy. Maybe the sky is green after all.  He was seeping into my mind. I felt a little scared.

Then I remembered a documentary I saw about another type of predator, a lion.  Even though he is the top of the food chain a man making LOUD noises and holding a staff above his head yelling made the lion stop his charge.  I sat up as straight as I could.  No it was YOU!  I told YOU that fast irritate turn made me hit my HEAD!  I gave Access customer the date, time, route and bus number so they could find you.  YES I raised my voice.  IF HE WANTED TO ACT LIKE THAT JERK  I WILL TREAT HIM AS SUCH!

The ride was quite the rest of the way.  He NEVER apologized.  I stuck by my story. He was not my friend.  I was determined not to stroke his ego.  I couldn’t wait to get OFF that buss.  I would be civil and mind my manners.  However NO eyes contact.  I rolled away from the bus and didn’t look back.

Albert was couldn’t believe it when I told him what happened.  The driver committed the BIGEST pho paw in customer service.  Once you’ve been talked to by your supervisor you don’t push back on the customer.  When I worked for Nordstrom you would have been fired for less.  Albert said I should call Accesses and complain again.

Friday after sleeping on the experience a few days I called to complain.  I started recounting the event to the customer service agent and she stopped me mid-sentence.  I was thinking, RUDE!  Then she excitedly said I talked to you last week.  He confronted you?!  I told her everything.  She repeatedly apologized on behave of the company and said they DO NOT support the drivers behavior!  She told me after my initial complaint his supervisor talked to him and a mandatory drive along assessment was scheduled.  RIGHT ON ACCSSES!  So many companies don’t take customers complaint serious.  She said she would not only make a new infraction towards the driver but talk to supervisor about what else can be done.

Apparently I forgot to nail one side of the coffin.  I think we’re good now. Wooo! Make a sista wanna DRINK!


2 thoughts on “~REALLY??!!!

  1. Amy says:

    Good for you. What a total slime ball predator. The thought of being at his mercy and unable to get away from him…just reading it made my heart race and my stomach burn. I am so proud of you for having the strength to fight back. You refused to be the victim. Love you, girl!

  2. Shandra says:

    I’ve been waiting for this follow up, and I laughed till it hurt when I read your pee comment…Good for you!

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