Its Like That?!

Ok, so I began writing this on Saturday and it’s taken me this long to finish! I originally wanted to write a couple times a week but can you do right.

~It’s like That?!~

I just gotta tell you what happened to me this past Thursday.  I had an Occupational therapy appointment.  I took the Access bus aka the “short bus” to it.  So the driver was a late twenty’s early thirty’s African man.  How did I know this?  Well first off all he was “Bling’n” silver with a big silver chain around his neck, silver encased foe diamond earrings and lastly silver chain around his wrist.  Oh and YES his shirt was unbutton 70’s style.  I almost forgot sunglasses too big for his little peanut head.

Before he had even opened his mouth so I could hear his accent I knew he wasn’t from the US.  You don’t “Bling” silver.  You wear silver.  Oh but most definatly he thought he was “Bling’n” it.   So I should have known right there before he even touched my wheelchair this wasn’t going to be like other rides.

After you’ve rode access a few times you can figure out the rules drivers are supposed to follow.   Some follow them all, others some he followed none.  He was really feeling himself and drove the bus with no regard for the people in the back.  I usually sit back and relax on the bus.  Sometimes I catch up with phone calls, text and put on my lip gloss.  I’m pretty solid with my sitting balance.  No, this FOOL took a corner so SHARP and FAST I hit my head and almost slipped out of my chair because YES he didn’t adjust my seatbelt right!

Oh but wait there’s MORE.  So we stop to pick up another rider.  He goes into the building to get them.  Shorty he walks out with an elderly gentleman.  The man is wobbly and slowly walks with a cane.  Now drivers normally offer a hand and help riders.  Did dude do this?  OF COURSE NOT!  There is a safety belt that goes behind people that need the lift.  Once again he didn’t use it.  I wanted to SMACK HIM UP SIDE HIS HEAD!  Oh and in between stops he told me back home in Ethiopia he was an accountant.  He missed his family and didn’t like driving a bus.  One bad thing about coming to the States is they don’t recognize most countries schooling so he couldn’t work as an accountant here.  I actually felt sorry for him.  But then he started talking down to me.  After all I was only a woman and a broken one at that.

I remembered what my girl Nic had said about immigrants once.   She said to the affect they shouldn’t be treated special.  If they want to reap the benefits of living here they should observe our rules and respect the American way of life.  That SNAPPED me back.  Ok driver grab a pad and pencil and Sit UP STRAIGT!  SCHOOL’S FINNA BE IN SESSION!

FIRST of all this ain’t THE 70’S, 80’S or Even the 90’s! BUTTON your SHIRT, TAKE OF THE SILVER, SAVE for GOLD and BUY some glasses that FIT your LITTLE PEANUT HEAD.  Baby you in the new MILLENIUM and you AIN’T in Ethiopia SON!   Oh and women are not smart?!  Clinton is the Secretary of State and Oprah is well Oprah.  YES respect that.  We talk LOUD when and where we want to!  Did I actually say these things to him no.  I said it in my head though.  I didn’t want to meet bad behavior with bad behavior.  If I did that he could blow me off and think I fit his stereo type of black people in America.  I will school him in the “Land of the Free Way”.  Because in truth this more than just me at stake.  You know he drives and treats everyone this ways this isn’t a one time insident.  We may be mentally challenged, blind, elderly or have MS but we are members of Society.   Living here affords us to have a voice and the freedom to make a complaint.  When I complain I’m doing so for everyone who rides.

Friday I called Access Customer Service to make an official complaint.  Oh and yes I made sure to use my BEST Nordstrom Vernacular to appear vanilla.  It always works.  The woman I spoke to was very kind and apologetic and said she would forward it straight to his manager with a note saying he needed more training. How did she know who his manager is?  Because I peep’d his bus ID number and told her my pick-up and drop off time with the route info.  I started looking around and collecting after I hit my head before the conversation went south.  Just in case I wanted to report him.

Am I done yet?  No!  A letter will be written to the higher ups. That is what living here affords us.  If we are willing to take the time to research contacts NO one is unreachable. I figured I better put a NAIL in his coffin for good measure.  Did I say I was gonna make a complaint to him. No!  That will be a gift his boss can give him. That way he will be off balanced and unsettled. Maybe he will not look at us as “broken” people but just people. People smart enough to put your job in jeopardy if you don’t follow the rules.   WELCOM TO AMERICA KID!



One thought on “Its Like That?!

  1. adrianne says:

    you are amazing. that is all. WELCOME TO AMERICA KID! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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