Ok, you’re not going to believe this.  Today my Mom and I were leaving my physical therapy appointment and went to get in the elevator at the same time two women were getting out.  When we realize they were there we apologized because it was our bad.  The women graciously laughed and as the 75 plus one walked off she patted me on my head.  YES SHE PATTED MY HEAD!  Why do people think that’s ok?  It happened so fast my Mom and I just looked at each other IN SHOCK as the old bag shuffled off!  Let me take a deep breath and center myself.  I wanted to talk about something else. But you know she probably thinks it’s ok to pat midgets on the head to.  OK I’ll stop.


Albert is on a two week business trip to Minneapolis.  NO I’m not crying.  Miss him yeah but YOU know I’m a big girl.  I keep it move’n and handle my business while he handles his.

In his absence my Mom is staying with me for part of the time.  Lil sis, my Mom and I got to do something I haven’t done in I don’t know when. Walker shopping! We walk into Nordstrom cosmetics and shop like it was meant to be done. I love Albert and he does take me shopping, but it’s very aim shoot and get out of there when it comes to girly stuff.   I have to know what I need and get it.  It’s not like I don’t know what I want when I go with Mom and AG but they know the process.

First, go to the cosmetic line to get what you are out of grab it but don’t shoot yet.  Next, glance over all the glosses and lipsticks to see if there is something better than the gloss you are out of.  Then stripe possible replacements and or additions on the space of skin between the bottom of your thumb and start of your wrist.   I’m checking for texture, is it sheer, matte and does it have a scent or is it sticky? I HATE sticky gloss.  The people in black clothes gloss is sticky. YUCK!  Is the color the same on your skin as it is when you twist the tube up?

Then you need input and let’s just face it you need your girl, a good sales consultant (not one that is just trying to sell something) or a girl family member.  Do you shoot then?  NO!  Of course you now ask whoever “listed above” with you do they see anything else.  Of my crew AG fills this roll and takes a quick look around the cosmetic dept. and hunts to see if a rival exists.   I mean, how can I truly make an educated decision until all options have been explored?  Am I just idle twiddling my thumbs awaiting her return?  Oh contrer monfrer I’m hunting, looking at lipsticks I’ve never worn before, NARS.  I found my perfect RED!  See if I was shopping with Albie and neglected this process, that lipstick would have never made it in my bag nonetheless my big lips.  It still scares me to think of it.  My sis was unable to find a better gloss so I got a replacement of the one I already had with MY NEW perfect red.

My love would say this was CRAZY to go through all that to Only get what you already had.  Truth be told I was almost convinced I was crazy.  Then it occurred to me that for my friend Callahan cooking is her passion. She makes the best hot wings and cheese cake I’ve ever had.  Forget about putting just her foot in it she puts her who LEG in it.  MERCY they are so good.  She shop’s like a fat kid eats cake!  If one store is good 10 must be better.  She will go through countless stores, websites or whatever to find the perfect spice, pan, or cooking utensil before buying.   My friend’s mom from Ecuador uses a smooth stone to crush garlic.  She gets the stones from the rocky see shore.  Do you really think she just grabs the first rock she sees?  NO it’s a process.  She picks the stone up and checks its smoothness, its weight, size, how it fits in her hand.  To see her 5’ petit self, smash garlic into submission.  It’s no joke!  Pampered Chef who?  Pampered Chef what?

The more I write and think about this I realize it’s not my honeys fault that he doesn’t understand.  How could he?  We are from different packs.  I’m from a pack where we all have a passion, processes, loves.  Mom and AG thank you for helping me remember I AM still a woman.


One thought on “Redemption

  1. Rayna says:

    I loved all of this! So true. Keep it coming.

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